Peaches Prattlings

{February 5, 2015}   Drunk Dialing

Drunk dialing is a bad idea.

I think you know I am not a drinker and if you didn’t, you know now. I won’t say never because I did go out on my 21st birthday with the intention of getting sloshed and once or twice a year I will have a drink, like sharing a pina colada I the Bahama with the family, but it doesn’t get any more wild than that.

So… I haven’t drunk dialed, drunk texted, drunk called, basically, no drunk anything. [One day I’ll tell you about one of my fantasies].

I have gotten drunk calls before, but it’s been a while. Tonight, I had a friend drunk dial me, he knew what he was doing by calling, but that’s as far as it went! We had a few conversations, some overlapping, some in circles, some were in a round, kind of like ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’.

People, it’s fine if you drink, sometimes even if you over indulge, as long as you’re safe, but don’t drunk dial people! Wait until you’re sober and know what you’re talking about!

smart-phone-series-cute-electronic-characters-40436488. alcohol-clipart-eTMAbg8Tn

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