Peaches Prattlings

{December 12, 2014}   Girls night

Had a great time at girls night tonight!

I got to Boston last night, kissed the girls, so cute when they’re sleeping! spent some time with GES, got some sleep, was confused for a moment where I was at 6:27 this morning, MGS came in and said hello, then a little while later EJS came to say hello.

Then it was showers and lunches and school. Got some work done, ran some errands, got on some calls, then it was time for girls night!

RG picked us up and off to girls night at BR’s house. There was RG, TS, BR, DB, LR, RG, GES and me and a spread of sushi, Chinese and challah. After hellos, we sat around the table, lit the lights for Shabbos, said the prayer over the wine, the blessing for the challah, then it was time to eat.

We ate, chatted, laughed and had an all around good time! They like to do their “Wow” of the week, and when it was my turn, my wow was “Molly came into my room this morning, said hello and as she crawled into bed, she said “I missed you” and that was amazing, so I had something to talk about at girls night.

The evening was a smash success and everyone had a good time! Thank you for including me!

I hope you had as good a time tonight I as I did!!!

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