Peaches Prattlings

{November 28, 2014}   Today, I am thankful for…

So very many things!

Today is the American celebrated holiday of Thanksgiving. It is the day we give thanks, it doesn’t matter to anyone else what you are thankful for, they are your thoughts and if you want to share them, go for it, if you want to keep them to yourself, go for it!

Today was a simple day, got up way too early, par for the course, but had a good time playing with the girls, making egg sandwiches, hanging with my brother-in-law, dad and my sister, nice and easy. At some point ACS and dad took the girls to the local high school football game, for the longest running rivalry football game, between Needham and Wellsley High School, the Thanksgiving game has been played on Thanksgiving day since 1882! How’s that for tradition!

While they were gone, GES and I tried to watch a terribel movie, Adult Store and when that didn’t work, we put in “And So it Goes” but didn’t get far because everyone came home and it was more time in front of the fire, holiday movies on The Hallmark Channel, doesn’t this all sound so idyllic?

Then it was time for me to make my corn souffle while everyone took showers to get ready to go to T&S S’ house, we piled in two cars and off we went. We got there, headed in and joined the commotion! There were 4 families there, each with two kids, then three granddads, two grandmas and one extra auntie, me! When I got there, I found out that Little E went home last weekend and told his mommy that he wanted Auntie J to come and babysit! I am SO ready for that! I am spoiled!

We all worked together to get the finishing touches done on the food, heating up things, setting things on the table and then it was time to sit down to eat. Now, as most families do, you go around the table to talk about what you are thankful for and our fabulous hostess started. There are a lot of things that this group is especially thankful for and it was a very touching and tearful time, it has been a tough year and we are so thankful to have made it through and come out of it and we can see 2015 will be here soon and it will be the start of a wonderful new year.

After TS, then it was my turn, then my dad’s and so on down the line. There were some funny things said, some insightful, poignant, tearful and of course, whenever the kids have a turn, it’s always adorable. Some kids are thankful for their friends, their family, their grandparents, their food and we all laugh and smile when they say it, they are being honest. Last, but not least was our very own MGS and she became a bit shy, so together we said for her…”Let’s eat!”

Hours to prep and cook, minutes to devour! The funny thing is the one question I am asked the most at this time of year “But Auntie J, what are you going to eat? Well, if you think about it, usually, all but the turkey and stuffing are vegetarian! We had greenbean cassarole [made with cream of mushroom soup], brussel sprouts with carrots, green beans, there was vegetarian stuffing, carrot souffle, mashed potatoes, home made applesauce, rolls and cranberries, now you tell me…out of all that, what couldn’t I eat?

After dinner, we all helped to clean up, then started to prep the desserts. We had apple crumble, pumpkin pie, fresh fruit, pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate and heathbar cookies, coffee cake, peacan pie and ice cream. I think we were set!

After cleaning up we were treated to a show by all the kids, SO cute and then it was time to go, the kids were getting tired and wound up and the grownups were in food coma mode! Time to pack up, suit up and head home. We got outside and it was flurrying, so pretty and I loved watching MGS trying to catch snow flakes on her tongue!

Home for pjs, relaxing and talking to you!

I know I have said this before, but I am thankful to you, my friends, family and follwers for taking the time to read my posts, comment, like and enjoy my posts. I am thankful to have an audience who likes what I have to say and I will forever be greatful! I hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving and got to spend the day with friends and family.






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