Peaches Prattlings

{November 9, 2014}   My weekend in Atlanta

I spent the weekend in Atlanta and now I want to tell you about it. Sit back, this might take a bit…

I already told you about my flight to Atlanta on Thursday, fun, but ended wonderfully. Friday I got up, had breakfast and got to work, had a few calls, then lunch, more work and then I went to the rental property management company office to pick up the key to my house. I then drove to the house only to be thwarted by two medium sized dogs barking at the door, so I messaged the property manager and told her that I would schedule a set time when I come back so they can put the dogs in the garage, oh well. I did get to talk to a neighbor for a bit, she told me the tenants are very nice and they are fitting in well in the neighborhood.

Off I went, back to TS’ house to get some more work done and then we went to a nice Medeterranian restaurant with SF, it was nice to catch up. The service was mediocre, every pot of tea was luke warm, but the food and the company were stellar, so the entire evening was a smashing success. That night, we watched The Call, which you probably read about the other night.

Saturday morning, we went to meet BG at Corner Bakery for breakfast. After breakfast, we went to a consignment shop so she could pick up some things she had there as well as money for stuff she sold, I got the cutest picture of a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, yeah, I know, like I need more stuff with no place to put it!

Then we went to the mall so I could pick up a few things from Victoria’s Secret and then back to my car, I headed out to see JCT and her family where her mom was doing a craft fair. After visiting with them for a bit, I headed to see SDL and Miss A!

We played and snuggled, and walked, what an amazing kid Miss A is! She is growing up so fast! And walking, wow!!! Eventually we went to get some dinner and her favorite Mexican restaurant, which I really enjoy, and I had been craving Mexican. We ate, talked, danced, walked, had a great time. Then back home for bath and bed.

This morning was breakfast and Skype time with SDL’s mom, MomMom, it was great to see her! After breakfast, I headed out to see KAB and baby A, who’s not such a baby anymore! It was so good to see my grandson! He’s one and a half and getting so big! W played and I got hugs and kisses, it was awesome! It was really good to catch up with KAB and J came home and we talked about the game.

I left there and headed downtown to Atlantic Station to do some retail therapy while I waited to meet CKM for dinner in Decatur. I bought a pair of boots and got some holiday shopping done!

Then I headed to The Brickstore Pub in Decatur and CKM showed up and we had a great dinner and caught up, so great to see her! It’s been too long! After dinner, we walked and talked and caught up some more, even better!

Now, I am chilling out, going to crash in a bit and head to Chicago in the morning. You tired after my weekend?


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