Peaches Prattlings

{November 7, 2014}   After being sick at work/Travel Day

This is a dual blog post because i want to talk about two things and it’s my post, so there you go.

So, as you know, I wasn’t feeling well this week and had to stay in bed yesterday. Since I am relatively new to the project, everyone knows who I am and yesterday, there was a big meeting and I was noticeably absent and this was the meeting where the project manager was supposed to introduce PM and I to the group, oh well. So…today, everyone wanted to know if I was feeling better, it was very nice, but a little weird. Even at the airport, when I landed in Atlanta, I saw some of my teammates and they were asking. So nice, but weird. It was definitely appreciated, but at the same time, not the kind of attention I want and how much information do you give? Ramble over.

As for traveling…I left some perishables with the hotel until Monday, I didn’t feel like traveling with them, so that was good. I got an text that my 4:50pm flight was delayed until 5:36pm, go figure, apparently due to high wind, it finally started getting cold in Chicago. Then I have no seat, I will get that at the gate. When I get to the Delta counter, wait with everyone else to drop my bag, about 30 minutes, great…then going through security, TSA pre-check, but a random check, really?

Get to the gate, there was an announcement that there was a gate change, go to the new gate with everyone else, it’s for an earlier flight than ours, how could a flight leave before it was supposed to when it was delayed. Then go back to the original gate and wait with everyone else, finally getting in line because the one woman at the counter said it would be a while, they were still working on the flight that just left.

Got on the plane and waited and waited and waited. Finally took off, as soon as we land, EVERYONE [well, almost everyone] gets up, like that’s going to help. Finally get off the plane, get my bag, break a nail getting the bag off the conveyor belt, what? And lost a charm off the bracelet I got in Ireland, pook. Did meet a nice guy that works for Deloitte as well, he overheard me speaking with someone about what I did. We are both working for the same partner on different projects.

Get my car, which is an Impala, or land yacht as I like to call it. It’s clean, good stereo and rides smoothly. I make it to TS’ house and it’s a wonderful reunion, she feeds me home made veggie soup and is so wonderful because she is a meat eater and used to flavoring with meat, but accommodated me and it was heavenly. I am not eating very much at the moment. There was salad and her mom’s home made pickles. I was in heaven. A wonderful end to a long day.

Goodnight my friends!

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