Peaches Prattlings

{November 1, 2014}   Post Halloween – No rest for the tricked or treated!

The day started WAY too early! Especially after GES and I were up all night talking about Christmas movies!

EJS decided she was going to wake me and try to scare me with her orange vampire teeth…eeek! Then it was up for the last soccer game of the season, or so we thought, next week there is a make-up game. The game continued, even after the freezing rain started and I must tell you that EJS is a beast on the field! So very proud of her!

On the way home, stop at the local farmers market for treats! Apple cider donuts, scones and bagels, yum! One donut on the way home of course! At home, get ready for play date number one. Then JS and AS show up to hang out and after a while, dad and I head out to Walmart, I need some tubs for my stuff.

Back home, I drop dad and the stuff, realize I forgot something and headed out and found GES, not that she was lost or anything, but the day after Halloween is a must to shop for deeply discounted stuff for next Halloween, of course! I got home and DB was there with her two adorable kids, N and Baby A, what a couple of doll babies. You know Auntie J loves to play with the babies! This was also play date number two for the day.

JS and ACS came home while we were all visiting and eventually DB and the kids left, then it was time for GES and ACS to get ready for their night out to dinner with friends. About 6:30, it was egg and cheese sandwiches on english muffins for everyone left at home while watching futball and How to Train Your Dragon 2. After the movie it was time for books and bed, there were wee tots ready for sleep!

Lots of laughter of course, especially when I was helping MGS get into her pj’s and she ended up with both legs in one! That resulted in uproarious fits of laughter. And again, EJS was so generous when MGS couldn’t find her “lovey” [something they each have in different colors that they sleep with] and EJS said “That’s ok, I always have a spare!’ What a good big sister!

Eventually the kids were asleep and dad and I hung on the sofa watching bad tv mingled with some sports while I nodded off here and there, thinking about sleeping. After the parents got home, everyone went to bed and guess who “woke up”! Laundry, packing, clearing off the bed. And here it is almost 1am and I’m still talking to you! I am beat!!!

When do we set the clocks back?

Good night!

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