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{October 31, 2014}   Happy Halloween!

Oh how I wish I could show you pictures of my fantastically adorable family!

Halloween is such a great day, so much fun! Steeped in a long great history, mystery, fright, fun, color, pumpkins, candy, treat, tricks, costumes, legends, ghost stories, tradition.

If you were raised in the north, do you remember trick-or-treating when it was freezing out and you wore your costume over your snow suit, that plastic outfit and the hard plastic mask that had two small eye holes and teeny nose holes, you couldn’t see or barely breath, but you were so stoked to get the costume, you tried to sleep in it?

I have always loved Halloween, it’s so much fun. When I was with the wasband, even before we got married, we loved to celebrate Halloween. We used to throw the biggest Halloween parties, decorated the house BIG time! There were some kids who didn’t even want to come up the path! It was awesome. Needless to say, love Halloween.

I even sent a note to the tenants renting my house telling them what Halloween was like in my neighborhood, crazy amounts of kids, love it! Need lots of candy!

This was the first year I got to spend Halloween in Boston with my family and it was terrific! One of the joys I have is that I am the Halloween Costume Fairy! I get to get the costumes for EJS, MGS, Miss A, Baby A [I won’t be able to call him that much longer!], LB and her baby sister, L, how lucky am I. And…this year, I even got to buy a costume for my sister!

Miss A was Dorothy and SDL made her wheelchair look like a tornado with the house on top! LB wanted the family to go as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Baby A was Harry Potter! What a bunch of cuties! Want to get on Auntie J/G/JJ’s Halloween Costume Train, you let me know!

So…I asked what the girls wanted to be for Halloween and MGS says she wants to be Elsa from Frozen, EJS wanted to be Olaf, go figure! ACS was going to be Sven, the reindeer and GES was Anna, she had to have a costume. What a great looking family!

Dad picked up EJS early from school and then we took her to karate, a yellow belt needs her practice! Then we picked up pizzas on the way home and waited for everyone to show up. And by everyone, I mean several of the usual cast of fabulous characters! We ate, laughed, light the Shabbat candles, did the blessings over the candles, challah and wine. It’s nice to be with family at this time.

Then it was time for everyone to put on their costumes, if they hadn’t already, and what a sight to see! We had the cast from Frozen, The Incredibles family, a cat, a clown and S&A were a T-Bird and Pink Lady, awesome!

It was time to get out there and go door to door and trick-or-treat! The girls, as they’ve gotten older now go up and down the block and then around the block, so we kind of split off, EJS and I with HS, her dad and PK went to the right and everyone else went to the left.

It was nice walking with the kids trick-or-treating, meeting other families, kids in adorable costumes, so many people said to EJS when she went by “Hi Olaf!” Too funny!

I have tell you about something EJS did and I was so proud of her! A lot of the houses, just like this one, who have younger kids and go out trick-or-treating earlier, will leave out bowls of food, some with a note, some not “Please be courteous and leave candy for other kids”. I’ve never seen that, but so many houses did that and these kids were very respectful and only took a piece or two, didn’t go crazy.

So…my niece…there was a house that had a sign and a bowl and the bowl was empty, what did EJS do? She added a few pieces of candy to the bowl! Is that the most awesome thing you’ve ever heard of? So very proud was I and of course, the family when i told them.

Then it was back to the house to check out the stash, it was great, GES was trying to get through on the walkie talkie and EJS said “Are you done?” GES asked “Are you reviewing your stash?” “Yes” “Oh, ok, got it!”

Then eventually, everyone was back at the house for some snacks and of course, some candy! Reviewing the day, playtime and then off to bed!

Now, it’s about 2am and GES and I have been sitting on the couch watching shows on DVR and now Christmas movies! And reminiscing about all the Christmas movies we love, especially the Hallmark ones, we are addicted! OMG!

What a day it was!I am so excited that I was here to see the costumes in person and go trick-or-treating! It felt good when the girls asked me a few weeks ago if I would be here for Halloween and I could say yes. Here I am!

Happy Happy Halloween! Boo!


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