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{October 17, 2014}   Day Nine in Ireland

I got the sweater…where’s the boy?

Today I got up earlier than ever and then errand my book, showered, packed and headed down to the pub across the street for breakfast. My waitress had just gotten back from three weeks in Spain, why don’t we do holidays like that?

I stopped by the chemist on my way out because I did not want to bring this cold back with me as my souvenir! The sudafed is working wonders! I got on the road and drove and drove and drove, I stopped in Kildare, but realized I am going to be there tomorrow, so I headed on to Dublin.

As the gps couldn’t find things and I stopped using it last week, I wanted to do what I could from memory and I was pretty darn good! I did stop by a hotel at the airport for help, but I got there! Then I chilled for a bit and got on the bus for City Center. I got off at Trinity College and did something I haven’t done since I got here, retail therapy!

First thing I did actually, was get some lunch at KC Peaches, a lovely place with delicious, healthy, home grown ingredients sandwich. Then I headed to the Sweater Shoppe! And I got it! You guessed it! My Irish knit sweater! It was really hard to decide what looked right and felt good where I wouldn’t itch thinking about putting it on! Merino wool is itchy!

Ok, so I have the Irish knit sweater…where’s the Irish boy? Maybe I have to wear it to find him! Then I went into a few stores and picked up a few things, I can’t tell..someone might be reading this!

I walked up and down the streets, it’s a serious bustling city, I love it! It started raining on the way and never really let up. Someone asked me to pick up a tshirt at Hard Rock, so I headed to Temple Bar,, where all the bars seem to be, well, not all, but chunked together. This is where it happens! The noise, the music, the sites, the sounds, lovely! This is where you go for a bit of craic!

After The Hard Rock, I walked around the area and found…Boxty!, a restaurant that had and knew what a boxty was! OMG! I was in heaven! I ordered boxty scraps which were boxties cut like French fries, yum! And some awful vegetables, when the waitress said they were awful, I should have listened. But…the homeless guy I am sure enjoyed them both!

After dinner, I had the bread and butter pudding, yum! Very light and not a huge portion, easy to enjoy and walk off.

I spent some more time walking around, then found the bus and headed back to the hotel, unloaded the rest of the stuff from the car, brought it to the room, had a quick shower and headed downstairs for my complimentary drink and some live music.

I ended up getting an amaretto and cream, it was ok and I’m working through the effects of the cream, but that’s my problem! I sat at the bar for a while waiting for someone to notice me and ask what I wanted to drink. I saw out of the corner of my eye, a guy down the bar tell the bartender I was waiting. When I caught his eye later, I thanked him. I thought he was waiting for someone, he had a bouquet of confetti roses.

I told him they were pretty and he came over to ask me if I wanted to smell them and then tell me that he bought them at ya the grocers today and would give them to the first nice person he talked to..guess who.

We proceeded to talk for about an hour, I found out all about him, his company and the girl that got away that he’s trying to win back good luck! It was fun talking to him, he’s from Montreal and in Dublin in business.

I also talked to the singer, when he was finished, a great guy who was a lot of fun to listen to. He would ask if the crowd liked someone and I answered, so he directed a bunch towards me! He was funny and very talented and gave me his card, so I could email him to get a few tracks he wrote, lucky me!

Now, here I am sitting in bed writing to you and needing to get some sleep because I’m running a 5k in the morning! Wahoo! A 5k in Ireland! Go me! Something I wanted to do and now I’m going to do it!


Positivity Challenge – Day #29
1 – I am thankful I found my way to the hotel…sans GPS (with a little help from a very nice person)
2 – I am thankful to have found a restaurant that serves boxty!

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