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{October 15, 2014}   Day Seven in Ireland

Only three days left? What? Hurry. Have to do everything!

Kidding! I decided a few days ago that whatever I don’t get to this time, that means that there will be a next time. I remember being physically sick when I got on the plane to go home from Paris, until I made the decision to go back and all was right with the world. Besides, NB and I have a date to keep in Ireland, so I will be back!

Isn’t it interesting, when you have a long trip ahead of you and you think you’ll get to everything and you have all the time in the world and then you’re on the back end of the trip and realize that it’s almost over and where did the time go? Well let me tell you where I went today! Have a seat, it’s gonna be another long one!

I woke up leisurely, well, sort of…the only thing that I didn’t care for at the B&B last night was the fact that I could hear the people talking next door, turn over in their beds and snoring, fun, huh? Other than that, lovely.

The day started very wet, I knew I would not be spending a lot of time outdoors until the rain cleared up and I was wishing I had brought my wellies, but a rainy day in Ireland is better than…well, anything else! I headed out down the road toward Midleton, I was going to go to my brother-in-laws Mecca…The Jameson Whiskey Distillory, yup, me! I had to represent!

It was a fascinating tour, we learned about the process of milling, malting, the kiln, I rang the big bell and we learned that it takes the trees used for the barrels between one hundred and one hundred and fifty years to grow and they only get about two barrels per tree! We also learned that you cannot reuse the barrels for whiskey, so they are used for other alcohol and maybe even made into furniture!

After, we had a choice, straight up shot or cocktail, I had the Jameson ginger lime, it was…yeah, just like I thought, but there will be a video posted soon! And guess who is getting a little something that he wouldn’t be able to get in the states or online! Who’s the rockstar now!

After the tour, I sat down for a bowl of soup and invited a woman to join me as there were no other seats available. She happened to arrange travel for different groups and she comes to Ireland about four times a year and just recently discovered a relative a few miles outside of Midelton! She and the group were from Boston, go figure! We chatted about where to go next as people often do and we were all going in the same direction.

The coach driver, Michael, gave me a recommendation for what to do next as well as where to stay in Kinsale. I thanked them and went on my way.

(I went to a pub/restaurant to listen to some music and now that I’m in my room, they’re finally doing Irish songs and singing along…go figure!)

I decided to go to Cobh, pronounced Cove, formerly called Queensland,
It has a fascinating history, Annie Moore, the first woman admitted to Ellis Island left from Cobh, it was also the final port of call for The Titanic, as well as a major embarkation port for convicts heading to Australia, among other emigrations.

There is a lot of rich history in Cobh, not to mention the amazing views, smells and sounds of the water…sigh. I went through the museum and saw some actual things left over from the Titanic, don’t tell, but I snuck a photo or two for EJS, who is obsessed with the ship! I also got her a com reactive coin, I can’t wait to give it to her!

After Cobh, I headed to Kinsale, the Gourmet Capital of Ireland! it is a beautiful coastal town that I have fallen in love with. Lovely people, views, boats and I have walked the town so much I feel like I could give directions! The hotel I am staying in, The White House is a very nice hotel, the nicest, aside from the Hilton, so far. One of the things I think I may have figured out is if you show up later in the day to a hotel, they give you a better rate because it’s getting late and they may not sell the room otherwise! Breakfast will be included.

I think the host is the former mayor of Kinsale! I believe that was his picture in the paper on the wall! There is a fantastic tribute to 9/11 the driver had told me about and on the way out of town, there is another tribute, a woman planted a tree for everyone who perished, I will check it out tomorrow.

After I checked in, I decided to go for a walk and then look for something to eat. The walk was lovely and then I decided in the Blue Haven for dinner, a very nice carrot, persimmon and ginger soup, wow! After dinner, I went in search of the ghost tour I was told about only to find out I was a week too late, bollocks! I went back to the Blue Haven for a pot of tea, a tart crumble and some great live music.

After a while, it was walk the 100 meters to the hotel, jump in bed and talk to you! Guess what tomorrow brings…Cork and the Blarney Castle…you know what that means!

Until tomorrow!

Positivity Challenge – Day #27
1 – I am thankful to be in a nice hotel across from some pubs and there is live music serenading me tonight.
2 – I am thankful to have met a nice person who recommended this hotel to me.
3 – I am thankful to find a toilet close by whenever I seem to need it!

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