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{October 13, 2014}   Day Five in Ireland

What a glorious day! In Ireland! Sorry, can’t help it! I hope my enthusiasm is contagious! Catch it!

Ah…to have no schedule or place you must’s fantastic! I did set am alarm this morning so I could be there in time for breakfast, 8am, but it was all good, I was waking up about that time anyway. I got ready and headed down to breakfast, eggs, tomatoes and I actually asked for mushrooms, what?

It was time to head out and greet the day, remember, I was about 45 minutes away from where I wanted to be, no worries, beautiful drive! Even the highways are beautiful, either side lined with lush green landscape, trees, farms, houses, sheep, cows, horses, a dog here and there, simply beautiful! Did I tell you I saw a rainbow yesterday? A full on end to end bright rainbow! What was waiting for me at the end?

I started off by going to Johnstown Castle and Agricultural Center, The castle is never opened for viewing, but the grounds are spectacular! Guess what they have roaming the grounds…ok, I’ll tell you, peacocks! So beautiful! I waited and waited, none of them preened, but still, the colors!

I walked around the back of the castle, by the lake to the Irish Agricultural Museum, which was fascinating, showing different forms of farm equipment, tractors, carts, plowing machines and tools, carriages, then bicycles, information about sugar beets, a very depressing exhibit about The Great Potato Famine, very up lifting…then walking through to see different crafts and trades, then up to see hay making tools, other farm stuff stuff, furniture and scenes of life on the farm.

I was a wee bit knackered, time for sustenance, down to the cafe for a pot of camomile tea and a rhubarb torte, yum! The cream was not needed, not flavorful and we know about me and dairy…but it was alright. After that it was time to walk the grounds to walk off the sweet treat and enjoy the scenery and atmosphere.

Back in the car, I was going to head to Tintern Abbey and since I couldn’t find it, I moved on! Add that to the list for next time!

I headed down the road towards The Dunbrody Ship and turned off towards the Kennedy Homestead, the family home of John F Kennedy’s family and ancestors. Someone said it would be informative and it’s important, but slightly uninspiring, I have to admit, I agreed. It was fascinating to see his ancestry, but there wasn’t a lot to it, it’s a home and there are relatives still living there on the property. It took a long time to get there, very narrow road and 7.50 to get in and it was all over very quickly. No regrets for going, but not a place I would go again.

After the Kennedy Homestead, I went in town New Ross and realized I was hungry and found The River View Restaurant and had a yummy bowl of vegetable soup with some French bread, it was lovely. Just what I needed to reenergize.

Then on to The Dunrbody Famine Ship and Irish Emigrant Experience,, the immigrant ship. This truly was an eye opening and chilling experience. This is a replica of the original Dunbrody and I had a personal tour as I was the only one there at the time! I went through the little gallery with the posters talking about the Potato Famine, backing up what I learned at the Irish Agricultural Center and this ship took people to the United States and Canada.

Then we walked onto the ship, there were two deck hands cleaning and doing repairs, so excited to be there…one of the cool things was the bell, it is the original bell from the original Dunbrody, which ran aground in 1857, how cool is that!

When we went below deck to see “first class”, captain’s quarters, steerage and crew, all of a sudden, there are two women who came down, one from first class and the other from steerage, it was great fun! After the tour, I went into the museum to read about what happened when the people emigrated including information about emigrating to Savannah, GA, giving explanation about North America’s second largest St Patrick’s celebration, among other things.

I got into the car, called dad and was driving off and realized as I was driving off, I saw something that I wanted to check out, back to a parking space I went! OMG, Anyone who knows me will know this is right up my alley!

The Ros Tapestries,, the history of New Ross in tapestry. This was amazing! Fifteen tapestries in the making, 6×4 each. They tell the story of New Ross and first, they start with a painting on canvas, then trace it onto the canvas using a light board and then one of the 150 volunteers! will look at the painting and attempt to choose the correct color of yard to work on the tapestries. It was fascinating!

When I finished the audio tour, I asked the woman who worked there a lot of questions throughout and she did something special for me! She knew I had a genuine interest! She took me upstairs to show me one of the tapestries in progress and…guess what!!! She let me add a few stitches, OMG!!! I am now a part of history! I am so stoked!

After the tour, I bought the book, since I couldn’t take pictures and I bought a mini tapestry to complete myself, the logo for the town, I’ll show it to you as I go along, maybe I’ll do a progressive album. I can’t wait!

After the Ros Tapestries, it was back in the car and off to Waterford, not a long drive, found the Dooley Hotel, I felt silly, first I dropped the phone and it fell apart, but it’s alright, then I had to call the front desk because this is one of those rooms that you have to put your room key card in the slot to keep the lights on! Too funny!

Now it was time for some supper and I wandered out and found The City Arms Pub and had some scrumptious potato leek soup and lovely brown bread, yum! I might just be “souping” my way around Ireland! A lovely chat with the owner and waiter and back to the hotel.

It was a lovely night for a walk, everyone apparently thinks it chilly, I think it’s brilliant! And as I’m walking, I’m having a moment…why can’t I have a “Midnight in Paris” moment like Owen Wilson, if you haven’t seen the movie, check it out!

After a lovely walk, enjoying the weather, the night and being in Ireland and my new sweater, I got back to the hotel, put on my jammies and now I’m sitting here writing to you!

Are you tired from my day? Looking forward to tomorrow!


Positivity Challenge – Day #25
1 – I am so thankful to not be on a schedule! I have a list of things I want to do, but no schedules!
2 – I am thankful to be able to find plenty of things to eat, even straight up vegetarian options all over Ireland
3 – I am thankful I have wifi to be able to post every night!

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