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{October 11, 2014}   Day three in Ireland!

Yup! I’m still in Ireland! And nope, it doesn’t get old!

Today I woke up in Dublin again, as I mentioned last night and got my cell phone, wahoo! I had breakfast and headed out. Since I had pretty much back tracked, it took me about three hours to get where I was going, but with no schedule, who cares?

I headed out towards The Irish National Heritage Park in Wexford, on the way, I stopped, because I can, at a beach, it was wonderful, lots of people and dogs, both walking and running and playing. It was nice, they even have exercise equipment along the path on the road, who needs to go to a gym. I didn’t realize how many health conscious people there were in Ireland!

After I got back in the car, I headed towards Wexford, I’m getting used to, mostly, the roundabouts…and eventually got to the Park. It was a great tour that took about two hours, led by Paul, who was authentically dressed and took us through the park. The cool thing about the park was that everything was recreated the way it was originally built, down to the cow dung as mortar! I can’t wait to share photos!

After the park, I was getting hungry, so it was time to find some food and a place to stay. I got to Wexford and tried to call hotel, after hotel, after hotel, throw in a few B&Bs and you’re there! Every number I dialed was not available, or wrong, what?

At some point, not sure, the mirror was swiped, so I have to call Avis tomorrow, luckily, no other damage! I had had enough of Wexford, the side streets are too tiny!!! I decided to drive in to Duncannon, where there is a fort and the next attraction on my list! I drove around twice, found a hotel stopped and went in.

There was a room, sorry, no singles, ok. Sorry, no view of the ocean, ok. Sorry there is going to be music in the bar until 1am, ok. Do I care? My only question…Do you have a room? Yes! It comes en suite…that means there is a loo with a shower! Go me! There is internet! I’ll take it!

After I checked in, the key is too cool, old fashioned and heavy brass, I took a walk in search of food and found the ocean and beach, how happy am I? (One photo taken with my iPad!)

Now, I am at the Strand Tavern having a wonderful dinner, vegetarian, no less!
Risotto with peas and leeks, yum and a side salad, while I write to you.

Soon, I will head back to the hotel and chill out and get ready for tomorrow’s adventure! I can’t wait to share with you! Next time…come with me!


Positivity Challenge – Day #24
1 – I am thankful that the Garda (police) was just telling me which lane I should be driving in based on my speed, whatever that was!
2 – I am thankful there wasn’t more damage to the car after the mirror got swiped!
3 – I am so very thankful I found one of my favorite things in the word twice today…the beach

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