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{October 4, 2014}   Services, cooking, break the fast, lots of people

Yesterday, I told you what Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, is about and today, we observed.

As I mentioned, we fast for 24 hours, sundown to sundown, some people don’t and it’s not mandatory, but requested. Kids don’t have to fast until they become bar or bat mitzvah age, then they are adults and kind of expected, but it is a personal choice that you make for yourself.

Today we got up and went to children’s services at a different location. The services are a little shorter and more kid friendly, lots of singing, but with a more modern, folk-songy twist, which I like. The sermon that the rabbi gives was great and geared towards kids and parents alike. The services lasted about 1.5 hours, then we went back to the house to start cooking for all the people coming to break the fast, and let me tell you, it’s not easy to cook when you’re hungry!

There were about 40 people coming, kids and adults and we had to feed them all! Everyone brought something to share, but we provided the bagels, lox, cream cheese, as well as egg salad, tuna fish, challah hummus, salad, juice and coffee and monkey bread for dessert. Then people brought a few different koogle, blintz souffle, fruit salad, cheesecake, pumpkin bread, cookies, bars, you name it, we had it!

We started cooking about 12, set up around 3 and then people started arriving about 5 and we dug in about 5:30 and the feast was on! Everyone was so very hungry and it was wonderful to be able to break the fast with so many wonderful people of all ages! The last person left about 8:30 and we were pooped! It was bath, books, bed. Guess who fell asleep after reading to EMS while laying there with her!

Got up, kissed MGS, then went downstairs to hang with GES on the couch for a minute and fell asleep there, now here I am writing to you! It has been a very long day and I need some sleep, I have a 5k in the morning!

Again, I wish you a happy, healthy and sweet year. L’Shana Tova!

Positivity Challenge – Day #18
1 – I am grateful to get to be around wonderful friends and family to break the fast today.
2 – I am grateful that I may have found someone to take the piano i have to get out of my house!
3 – I am thankful that my sister, GES, and I get along so well and make amazing things happen together

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