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{June 6, 2014}   Call the Midwife

Love Love Love!!!

I have heard great things about this show, I was somewhat intrigued, but it wasn’t high on the list. I like period pieces, but I found recently that I enjoy the mystery shows that are period.

I really enjoy the ones set during WWII, I find them incredibly fascinating and enjoyable. My dad turned me on to Foyle’s War, it took a minute, but I got into it hard core, and then it was over. It’s hard when you enjoy a series and then it ends, but that allows you to find other things to watch. Which is one of the things I enjoy about Netflix, it allows me to find a show and watch it to the end, as long the series is over, if it’s still going on, you might not get the entire series.

I had been considering watching Land Girls, which I really liked, I’ll tell you about it some time.

It was time for something new and Call the Midwife it is! It’s about the lives of a group of midwives in the late 1950s.

Vanessa Redgrave is the narrator, an elder Jenny Lee, who is talking us through her memoir. Jenny is a nurse and trained midwife, she is joined by Trixie, a vivacious blond, Cynthia, a shy and sweet brunette, Chummy, a very tall, solid and wonderful woman who feels like she is all thumbs. They live at Nanartas house, which is run by Sister Julienne and a group of nuns, all who are midwives. Pam Ferris is Sister Evangelina, tough as nails and a big softy. You may know Pam Ferris as Aunt Marge from Harry Potter or Ms Trunchbull from Matilda. Judy Parfait plays Sister Monica Joan, an aging nun, very forgetful and speaks in riddles. You may remember her as the queen from Ever After or Vera Donovan from Dolores Clairborne. Sister Bernadette is the quiet conflicted one. They are joined by a few male characters, PC Peter Nokes, Fred, the caretaker, the town doctor, Dr Turner.

The setting is the east end of London, very little money, several people to a flat or a room, poor conditions, but the people are happy. The funny or interesting things that I found. The women smoked, not just inside, which was common, but WHILE THEY WERE PREGNANT! Even while waiting for their prenatal appointments! How about the fact that they leave their babies in their prams outside the clinic or houses and apartments, that’s just the way they did it!

No matter what, when you called Nanartas House, you had a midwife come to visit. They would make weekly house calls and sometimes they performed duties for people in Poplar as a nurse, for both men and women. They get involved with the lives of their patients, get to know and care for them, experience their joys and heartaches and a lot of babies! There is at least one to three babies born each episode and you get to see it! Not the full birth, but you see the babies as they are coming out, from the side, you see their head and then their little bodies, it’s amazing.

As you watch each episode, you get involved with these women, their lives and you laugh with them, you cry with them, ooh and ah with their new babies, get scared with them and feel joy. You also see how medicine has changed, but one thing that hasn’t…women are still having babies.

Bottom line, I really like this show and recommend it highly. It’s a show you never want to end, does that help?

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