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{May 18, 2014}   Bathroom query

This is total random thinking…

I understand when there are multiple stalls in a bathroom, then it should be segregated, one for men and one for women. Sometimes the men’s room has urinals, definitely can’t be mixed.

My query is in regards to single bathrooms, when there is no difference between the two, nothing special on the wall, no urinal, both have a toilet, sink and paper towel holder.

Here’s my question…why does there have to be a men’s and a women’s sign differentiating between the two, especially if they’re not cool or special signs.

Whenever the ladies room door is locked and I really have to go, I go into the men’s room and do my thing and that’s that. It’s no different, so why the different signs?

[…] have guessed it by now. And as proof, one of my favorite posts, that I use to prove that point is Bathroom Query. Check it out and if that doesn’t say it all, well…let me know if I need to come up […]

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