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{January 10, 2021}   Is it a lid or is it a door?

These are the pressing questions that I get asked on a daily basis. Not really, but it was a conversation I was drawn into today.

As you know, my blog is about everything and nothing all at the same time, if I didn’t tell you that up front, you would probably have guessed it by now. And as proof, one of my favorite posts, that I use to prove that point is Bathroom Query. Check it out and if that doesn’t say it all, well…let me know if I need to come up wtih something else!

Back to my original statement. Or question. Is it a lid or is it a door? Let me ‘splain…[that always makes me think of I Love Lucy, when Ricky comes in and says Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!]. I walked into Smoothie King to pick up something for PSM and myself and immediately, the guy behind the counter asks me “What do you call this?” pointing to the refrigerator. I said “refrigerator.” sort of with a question in in my voice, I wasn’t sure if it was a trick question! He said “No, this” and opened the door. “Door” I said! “Yes!” he said. “And what do you call this?” and went over to one of the freezers they keep frozen things in, like their frozen yogurt and other smoothie making things. I said it could be a door or a lid, maybe. “Ah ha! Yes!” It’s a lid! That’s all he wanted and the girl working behind the counter said no! “It’s a lid!”

This debate went on quite a while, what is considered a door vs a lid…I said on a washing machine or dryer, it could be either, but technically, I call it a washing machine lid, same for the dryer, since they’re both top loaders. He was trying to get everyone who came into the store to agree with him, as did she.

It was entertaining for the time I was in there, they were having fun and everyone had a laugh. But…at no point did I wake up in the morning expecting someone to bring me into a conversation…the age old question…is it a door or is it a lid. One now must ponder…


Those are the best days!
I say it’s a lid on top, door on side, imo. Lol

Those are the best days! Random convos engaging unwitting strangers make me smile!
Imo, lid on top, door on side. Lol

Yes! Those are the best days! Even better…with the mask on, the guy remembered me from a few days earlier and how I like my smoothie! Can’t beat it! I might be swayed on the lid on top, door on side…lol

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