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{February 23, 2021}   A ladle…a vets tool?

Earlier in the week, Bee and Ruby to the vet for their annual everything. I’m so glad they don’t mind going to the vet, so different than a cat!

So, the annual everything includes heartworm, flu, Bordetella, rabies, I’m sure there are other things, I can’t remember, but they got it all. We got good reports, happy and healthy dogs, I have another post to tell you about, that will make you laugh, but this is all about the ladle.

A day after we took them to the vet we got a call that in their bloodwork, there was signs of something they wanted to test further, a blood and pee test. Ok, no problem, let’s book an appointment. Only issue, sort of…they need the first pee of they day, they open at 8a, no problem, we’ve left them in the crate until almost 8a before, no, the problem is…some of the staff they need aren’t in until 8:40a, what? I don’t know about you, but I know what I’m like first thing when I get up…

When we go to yoga early, sometimes the dogs realize we’re up, but we leave them in the crate, then take them out when we get home. The longest we’ve actually left them in is 8am, they start stirring about 7, maybe 7:30a, then the whining starts about 8am. At one point there was a yelp and a bark, someone stepped on someone else, I had to tell them to quiet down. I don’t know who this morning was harder on, them or me!

I waited as long as possible, 8:35a, luckily we only live a 5 minute drive from the vet’s office. I got them out of the crate, leashes at the ready and luckily they love to get in the car, so I very excitedly got them to the car, let’s go!

5 minutes and I’m dialing as I pull into the spot. Whoever answered the phone I told what spot we were in and she said someone would be out shortly and I said sooner, they need a pee test and they haven’t been yet, that seemed to work! The dogs were looking out the window, well Ruby had her nose pressed against the window and they were both starting to whine…Here come the techs! I noticed they had ladles in their hands. Ladles? Really?

They grabbed the dogs and off they went to the grass. I didn’t see anything after that, well, I saw one of them holding or trying to balance the ladle while wrangling my dog! Ha ha. Um… how are you going to hang on to the ladle’s contents?

As they were walking back, I saw it…a giant syringe looking thing. Ok, that makes sense. And while I was waiting for them to come back out, I watched another vet tech trying to collect pee with a ladle from a much smaller dog, it was funny, she kept bending down thinking the dog was going to…well, go.

Whew, they got what they had to, go girls! And when they brought them out, they told me how great our dogs were, honest! They told me we had two very lovable dogs and Ruby just wants belly rubs! We love that!


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