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Today I was talking to someone and I said that I wanted to go to a White Sox game while I was here in Chicago.

I don’t know if you remember me telling you about going to a Cubs game two years ago with KLS. I was telling someone about going to sporting events in the city I am working in. I was talking to a coworker as another walked by and asked if I would like to go to White Sox game tonight. Suweet!

So…I’m going to a Sox game, awesome! Guess who they’re playing…the Boston Red Sox! Omg! Guess who won!

Ask and ye shall receive. I did!






{October 17, 2010}   My mini- scare in the scuba pool

I am really enjoying taking scuba lessons, I don’t think I’m that good at it, but I am having a good time. I’ve met some great people, like our instructor Bruce Klein, of The Dive Shop in Marietta, awesome establishment, awesome people to get to know and to teach.

Bruce is very patient with me, spends time going over things, sometimes more than once, twice [three times a maby, ha ha ha]. He is definitely gifted as an instructor, because you definitely have to have patience to be one and to deal with me, well, sometimes dealing with me. 🙂

EW is taking to scuba like a fish to water, ha ha and has mastered each step with ease, I’m extremely impressed with him, I’m the one having a harder time and not really sure if I’m going to make it sometimes. Something you should know about me, the simple things can sometimes be very complicated and when you tell me something is complicated, no issues for me, go figure. There are some concepts in scuba that are harder for me to master.

Last night, after what we did what’s called a blind dive, which is where one of the buddies, and you ALWAYS scuba with a buddy,  pretends to lose their mask, which could happen, and the other buddy leads them to safety. EW led me around the pool, he thought I was leading him in circles, could have been, I have that effect on people…

After this lesson was over, it was time to descend to the bottom of the pool,which I have not been able to do yet, due to my ears not popping. We were testing our buoyancy, not to be confused with flamboyancy… to see where we would be able to float in the middle, not on the floor and not on the top, in the middle. I have been having trouble with this one, trying to regulate my BC, and for those of you who know me, know my buoyancy has nothing to do with ‘the girls’.

I finally made it to the bottom, ears popped, awesome! and i was swimming along when Bruce wanted me to try to swim through a thing [it’s a diamond shaped hoop, does that still make it a hoop?] to get a feel for swimming through things. I was putting too much effort into swimming around and we started to work on the air in my BC and I wanted to surface and make the thumbs up sign for surfacing, I really don’t know why I wanted to surface at the time, but something happened and all of a sudden, I got a little too much CO2 in my system and I started getting woozy and wonky.

He helped me reach the surface, but I thought I was spinning in the pool, I don’t think I was, but I will tell you, it was not a fun experience… I finally surfaced and decided to stand still for a while. I was taking a lot of deep breaths, as slowly as I could, but don’t you want to hyperventilate when you’re wicked nauseous???

After a few minutes, I decided that I had had enough of scuba, and took my gear off and sat on the bench for the next twenty minutes while everyone else finished practicing. Bruce was great to stay above and talk to me for a while, then he submerged again, it was fine. He messaged me today to ask if I was alright, I told him I was and you couldn’t keep me out of the water, well, sort of! ha ha.

I will be ready next week to get in the pool and try again, I have to practice,I really want to get certified and I am stubborn enough to make that happen!


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