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{June 1, 2021}   June 1st…What a day!

Today is a significant and special day for me, for several reasons. We’ve talked about some of it before, so please allow me to share again. A lot happened on this day, and today, something else happened.

15 years ago today I lost one of the most important people in my life, my mom. That sounds so selfish, she was one of the most important people to my family, my sister, my dad, family, friends, so many people in our lives. She was quite a woman, I’ve told you about her, a force to be reckoned with, a force of nature! She was wonderful, smart, funny, goofy, stubborn, silly, infuriating, uplifting, encouraging, I’m running through my rolodex of adjectives to describe her!

I remember how much she wanted me to be a teacher, that’s what both my parents were, not just teachers, but miracle workers, there’s not enough space in one of these posts to tell you how amazing they were in their field. I remember her saying, if you went into teaching, I could help get you a job in any school in NYC. No thanks! And what did I end up doing? Teaching…adults. And I’m damn good at it! Who ever wants their mom to be right?!

When I decided I wanted to become a vegetarian, other moms might have said, “oh brother, I hope this is a phase” or “you’ll eat what the rest of us eat”. Nope, she was all in! She made two meals every night she cooked. One for me and one for everyone else or one for the two of us and one for the rest of the family. Who does that?! She would also search for new recipes for me, all vegetarian! Meatloaf, chopped liver, I know, crazy, but when you’re Jewish, that stuff is in your veins! So many things she wanted to try and I remember the first Thanksgiving, no, not the first Thanksgiving! I’m not that old! The first one as a vegetarian, everything but the stuffing was vegetarian, she was amazing.

She taught me so much, and that is what leads me to the next reason today is a special day. My mom was amazing, and I mean amazing with kids! She taught GES and I how to be moms, not just moms, but loving moms, caring, giving, huggable moms. We learned how to throw an amazing birthday party at home, make a boo-boo all better, soothe the hurts, scraped knees and feelings, how to listen, and love. Oh, did she teach us how to love. She gave great hugs, anyone can tell you that and to this day…there is not a kid, or adult, who I hug who doesn’t use both arms when they hug me. I won’t let go until there are two arms wrapped around each other, you can feel the love emanating and let me tell you, when I am hugging, especially a child, I can feel her within me, it’s like she’s hugging them with me. And that…brings me soooo much joy!

I remember one day when TYH told me I taught her what it was to be a step-mom, I don’t know if she really knows what that meant to me. I never once thought of TYH or her brother WCH as anything but my kids, I was step-mom in title only. I have so much love for them both and my grandson, CDL, and that’s something my mom taught me.

Eight years ago today, I met my first grandson, Baby A, OMG! I can’t call him that any more! I need to come up with something else, but he’ll always be my Baby A! I was living in Colorado at the time, but came in to see KAB and meet Baby A, he was FOUR hours old when I met him and what a doll baby. Did you hear what I said…EIGHT YEARS AGO TODAY! My grandson is eight! Where did the time go?! He just finished second grade! What?! I remember holding him, he was tiny and beautiful and perfect and had my heart in his hand the minute I held him and looked in his little face.

He’s a smart, precocious, silly, funny, rambunctious, energetic, talented, loving little person. I get pictures from him that he drew, sometimes exactly what he wants to be for Halloween, the last one is actually framed and hanging on my wall of love! He is a lot of fun to talk to and I loved it when he got a Facebook Messenger account, he used to Facetime me all the time! Sometimes we had a conversation, other times, it was me just looking at a wall while he ran around doing something! I love getting video messages from him and his sister, melts my heart! I cannot wait to see them again, maybe a weekend trip to Atlanta is in my near future!

Well, today…there is another reason for joy, my heart has grown with a new love. Grandbaby number 9! AEB! Maybe my newest granddaughter can be Baby A! Of course, when she turns 8, I can’t call her that anymore! Can you believe it?! 9 Grandbabies, 9 loves for me! Yes, I can! I am one of the luckiest people in the world. I got the news just about 2pm that Baby A got a baby sister for his birthday! I’m tearing up thinking about it. What a wonderful gift, well, for me anyway! I’m so very happy for the whole family! I know what a great big brother he’s going to be! And Princess E gets to be a big sister, I know how excited she is!

The family is expanding! CS has a new baby, KAB has a new baby, Pow Pow has a new nephew and niece. So much mazel to the entire family!

Now you can see why today is such a special day, remembering my mom, wishing my grandson a happy birthday, and welcoming my newest granddaughter to the world, my heart is very full. And I’m glad I got to share it with you!


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