Peaches Prattlings

{January 27, 2021}   It’s a Snow Day!

That actually used to mean something to kids! HA HA. I remember…back in my day…oh brother! groan, eye roll, when it snowed like this, we got the day off from school. Now…with Covid routines in place, if you’re remote learning or hybrid, do you still get a snow day? Probably not!

Didn’t I just leave all of this behind in Colorado? Apparently, it followed me through Colorado and Kansas, back to Missouri, sorry neighbors! It started sometime in the early morning. PSM went to yoga, there wasn’t availability when I went to sign up, darn, no 6am hot yoga? I’m crushed! Ha ha. That did give me a few extra minutes to sleep! He was very quiet, I just happened to hear him, oh well. So…I slept in for a bit and then at about 7am, got motivated and got the dogs out for a walk.

Since I hadn’t been home, PSM had been taking them for all their walks solo and Bee had been a bit of a pickle, I don’t know if you remember me telling you about her aversion to walking on the frozen or almost frozen ground. Well…I put the harnesses on and we were off, no issues! What?! It was snowing steadily and they were both champs. [No wellies required for the walk!!!] Now, for the afternoon walk, Ruby and I had words, it was slippery and she kept pulling, she’s a strong dog, but momma set her straight. Ok, it took two talkings to, but it finally worked. It also helps when you keep a firmer grip on the leash!

They were both so cute, coming up from sniffing, noses all covered in snow and Bee, well, she’s a beagle and they have longer ears, so…nose covered and ears tipped in snow! They were both really enjoying it, how could I not laugh! We made it around the block, through the neighborhood getting more and more covered in snow. Look at my car, the only way you can tell it’s my car is that it’s red! But she has a lot of snow on top! [kind of like me when I don’t color my hair! HA HA HA]

It continued to snow all day and I honestly have no idea when it stopped, but everything looks so pretty, the trees laden with snow, the houses, backyards, streets, especially before the first footsteps. Sigh…


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