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{January 11, 2021}   How to spot a biker chick…

A friend, KN, sent me a text the other day, no message, just the picture you see below with the caption How to spot a biker chick. I got so excited! Let me tell you why!

If you are not a motorcycle rider, here is something to know about a bike so this makes sense. A motorcycle is similar to a 5-speed car, in that you have a clutch you engage when you’re shifting gears. Just like driving a manual transmission car, you engage the clutch and shift gears, and just like a car you shift with your left foot, on a bike, it’s by either putting your foot under the shifter and pulling up, or pushing down on the shifter. There is another type of shifter, called a rocker shift, that you rock forward and back on. PSM has a rocker shift on his bike, I have a traditional shifter, pull up or push down.

The point of the photo is to show the mark that the gear shifter leaves on the toe of your left shoe…if you have a traditional shifter. In the image, notice the huge black scuff marks on the left sneaker. The best part of the image is that I can tell it’s a Chuck Taylor/Converse All-Star! And guess what…that’s what I wear for a riding shoe!

I’ve worn Chucks for years as my riding shoes. I’ve had other riding shoes, ones that I’ve been told would be safer and protect my foot better, but I haven’t found the perfect pair yet, still looking. But…as I said, I’ve worn my Chucks for years. I even introduced you to the group in a post Meet the Family! If you look at the pair in the middle, striped, I talk about wearing them as motorcycle riding footwear!

One of the pair in that group I turned into my most recent motorcycle riding shoes and I love them. And to go back to the point of this post…if you look at my Chucks…you can see the black scuff marks forming on my left foot!

Proof…How to spot a biker chick!!!


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