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{October 9, 2013}   Meet the family…

My Chuck Taylor Converse All Star Family!

(Ha, you thought I was going to post pictures of all the people you read about!)

I mentioned the other day I would introduce you to my collection of Converse and today is your lucky day!

Here is the whole gang:

They even have their own basket in my closet!

I even have a key chain that I got at the Converse outlet in Orlando! (The Star emblem fell off, so sad)

Let’s start backwards. The black pair were my very first pair of Converse, they are low top and wonderfully full of holes, as they should be after years of wear, tear and love. I purchased these with my own money, my mom refused to buy them for me “I’m not paying good money for canvas!” So I pulled out my own $10, yes, I said ten dollars! so not the case today!


At the time I may have disagreed with my mom, I was a teenager of course, but I agree with her now! (How much would she love that I am saying she was right!) I refuse to pay the $35-$75+ they want for these sneakers. To date, I have not paid more than about $24 for a pair, except for one, which you will see and, knowing me, understand!

The next pair were blue high tops, I got them junior year in high school, see how loved they are? blue and red tracing on the trim, holes you can’t see and a flower I stitched. I still wear them on occasion.

Next pair I got in college were maroon low top, I wore these for everything in college, including doing carpentry work for the theater. There is paint and glue and sawdust, the dark spots are glue, water and brown paint mixed together for the set of Man of La Mancha. I actually wore then last night when we were throwing clay, can’t get my others coved in clay!


The next set include four pairs I found at Marshall’s for $19.99! each when I got back from Paris. When I was there, everyone and I mean everyone was wearing Chuck Taylor’s and I was nostalgic. I went to lunch with some friends when I got back, CKM, CA and LW and after lunch, LW and I went shopping, well I actually was accompanying LW who was looking for clothes based on her time with Max, the Color Specialist, he told her what worked for her and he was spot on and she took it all to heart, it works for her. As we were walking through the shoe section, I saw Converse, Converse, Converse!

The pink pair are actually Jack Purcell, part of the Converse line. Check out the ones with the cats, look at the inside of the sneaker, there’s a black cat with red eyes and see the one on the side!


The next pair I found was at TJ Maxx for $12! They’re not my favorites, but I like them and for a while, they were what I wore when I rode my motorcycle, they are hi tops, lace up and really stiff fabric, and until I found some decent motorcycle boots, they worked well.

Next are my XX HI Tops! I la la la love these! They were BIG time on sale! $75 marked down to $29! How could I resist? I got the raspberry ones thinking I had ordered red ones, but is realized the red were a bit too red and I have more to wear with the raspberry ones, I love them! Next I found the white ones. My goal was to have all the kids in my life sign them, at the moment, not all of them can write their names, but I will make it happen someday! Apparently, I need to get another pair because these are all painted! I have worn them to two different colorful races (The Color Run and The Neon Splash Dash), I might actually have them still sign or just keep wearing these to more races and get another pair for the kids, hmm…decisions decisions (another pair? yeah, that’ll be a tough one!)

My newest pair are the ones I told you about the other day when I told you about The Hot Chocolate 5k, turns out they’re not full chocolate color, more grey/chocolate with blue trim and pink and blue elastic sparkly laces, never had these kind of laces, so it’s a learning experience. It was convenient for getting my foot in with the new brace on and…my smart feet!

My last and final (really? Nah, there will be more, I can feel it) pair to tell you about are the pair I paid $35 for and my most special and sparkly Dorothy Ruby Sneakers! I la la la love these kicks! See how they sparkle? As you may remember, red is my favorite color and these are my red converse! I love wearing them to sporting events, they make me feel special and sparkly! Do you love them?!

I think there is only one person who might rival my collection, JO, who DCM and I used to work with, has a great collection himself. See what we wore to work one day, not planned! (we each had this as our profile picture on Facebook).

Check out their website to see all that they offer (sizes, colors, low top, hi top, xx hi top, endless possibilities!)

[…] I said, I’ve worn my Chucks for years. I even introduced you to the group in a post Meet the Family! If you look at the pair in the middle, striped, I talk about wearing them as motorcycle riding […]

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