Peaches Prattlings

{January 5, 2021}   We have a fireplace!

Wah to the Hoo! As I like to say.

If you know me, you know I love a fireplace! My house in Georgia had a fireplace, I used it quite often. The house in New Hampshire has a fireplace and when we were there this summer, it was colder than expected and we used that fireplace often, it was wonderful, think the dogs enjoyed it almost as much as we did!

When we bought our house one of the things I fell in love with was the fireplace, even better, it’s a see-through fireplace! If you’re not familiar with a see-through fireplace, it’s just like it sounds, you can see through to the next room. It’s something I have always wanted! One of my best friends, LGR, has a see-through fireplace between her master bedroom and bathroom, another something I have always wanted!

The reason I’m so excited about not only the see-through part, but the fireplace on the whole is that when we had the house inspected before buying it, we were told that everything was in order, including the fireplace. Hmm…When I had someone come to look at it last year, to clean it to get it ready for use, turns out it was not quite in order as we were informed.

It took a while, but we are now in business, after waiting a few months for an appointment, this company is one of two in the state that can do this particular work. We practically had to have the chimney rebuilt, lots of mortar put in, bricks replaced, and a bit more. But…new bricks and mortar, and four days later, ugh, we have to wait for it to cure! …we now have a working chimney and fireplace!

Over the last few months, in preparation, we bought some firewood and tonight, we lit a fire for the first time in our home. And what a site it is! It’s lovely and something I know I’m going to be enjoying for a long time. Now…just need to find a company to deliver firewood, not sure if we can get it delivered this season or just prep for next season, but…I am a happy camper! We have a working fireplace! I’m going to buy some Jiffy Pop popcorn, maybe some marshmallows. Hey, it’s cold out there, let’s have some fun!

The embers are dying as I write to you, but it’s still such a lovely site, let me know when you want to come over to join me, PSM, and the pooches for a night in by the fireplace. Hey! You don’t even have to sit on the same side of the house! You can have a whole different room to yourself to enjoy the fire! HA HA!


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