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{January 2, 2021}   Funny little beagle!

I’ve told you a little about our dogs, they are funny and interesting creatures! And…I can guarantee there are more stories to come, but today…

So, our sweet baby beagle, well, she’s not a baby, but there are times when she looks up at you or she’s laying on one of her beds and her face gets all squished up, she looks like a puppy. SO stinkin’ cute! Well, she likes to eat anything she can get her little face on, let’s just say, she’s not very discerning. This can get her tummy a little upset and sometimes, well, let’s just say, we have a supply of probiotics and Imodium, which, by the way, is safe for dogs, who knew.

Bee doesn’t always tell us when she needs to go out, so…you can probably guess what that means. She’s the one we worry about inside the house, not Ruby. Yesterday, she would not venture out for a walk and I’ll give you one guess as to what happened. Not a pleasant scene in our house.

This morning, we had a similar issue, meaning that she did not want to go outside for a walk, we got as far as the street and she basically dug in her heels and said ‘not gonna happen’. PSM took her into the backyard and I took Ruby for a walk. We think it means that she doesn’t want to go out and put her feet on the very cold, possibly frozen ground. She goes for walks in the rain all the time, so we couldn’t figure anything but that she doesn’t like walking on ice. She absolutely loves sitting in the sun on hot summer days. Apparently, have a delicate flower on our hands!

PSM did some research online and it turns out, this is not uncommon in some dogs, so…we might need to try some doggie booties! If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes, let’s find out! We sat and kept an eye on her for the next few hours until Petco opened, didn’t want any accidents to happen while we waited.

Two very excited dogs got into the car, they love going anywhere! We got to Petco a little early, so we decided to walk a bit, I happened to still have a Mitt Mutt in my pocket from the unsuccessful walk earlier, which was a good thing, because…yup, you guessed it! The big confirmation was that she has no problem walking in the rain, on the wet ground or grass, but she does have a problem walking on frozen ground.

When the store opened, we walked in and of course, they were assaulted by so many smells, so many things to explore and a few dogs to meet! We were finally able to get to the reason for our visit and found someone to help us, he actually measured Bee’s feet! With a tape measure, it was so tiny, but medium shoes it is! The pair he gave us was yellow rubber, looked like baby wellies! OMG! LOVE! We put the booties on and started to take her for a walk. As you can imagine, she tried to shake them off, but she couldn’t do it. Made me think about Miss A and her one shoe coming off all the time! But we were a success!

She slid a little, but she started to get the hang of them. We walked a fair bit around the store, we couldn’t help laughing while she was managing, she was soooo cute! When we got back to the section that had the booties, there were rain jackets and I said she must have it and PSM agreed! There was a yellow one that matched, perfection! I wish I knew where my yellow rain slicker was, we could go out as a matching pair, but alas! We left the booties on for the walk to the car and drive home, to help her get a little more used to them.

When it was time to go for the evening walk, we got Bee dressed and ready, booties and slicker! OMG! HOW CUTE! We got outside and she was very hesitant to go at all, she dug her heels in didn’t seem to want to go. PSM took off with Ruby and I persisted with Bee. What normally takes about 25-30 minutes took us about 45 minutes to go around the block. She dug her heels in more than a few times, which is what she does, but tonight, it was more than normal. I’m not sure if the hood was covering her eyes, but she seemed to be eyes down to the ground, well, more nose to the ground, sniffing her way home. I took the hood up a few times, snapped it back, but she got it back down over her head.

No joy with doing her business, so we watched her all evening until it was time for bed, but good news, she got better with the booties as we kept walking. Since the weather is quite cold and we’re in for more winter weather, here’s hoping that the booties will help and we will keep on walking, because…I cannot help myself, but “These boots are made for walkin’!”


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