Peaches Prattlings

{February 12, 2018}   A great day on the mountain, do we have to leave?

Today was a much better day on the mountain, so hard to leave!

This morning we slept in a minute, we were only about 20 minutes from the mountain, so we took our time. Got some breakfast, a late checkout of 1pm and headed back to Breck for some fun.

It was a clear, crisp, beautiful day, all that powder from yesterday was groomed, so definitely better for ST and for me, my goggles didn’t fog, definitely better for me! We hopped on one of the shuttles, went back to where we were yesterday and no ice build up! We had almost no issue with the build up at all! Off to a great start!

We did a few more runs than yesterday, oh how we wish we had today’s weather yesterday! No regrets! About 11:45 we headed back to the hotel, quick shower, pack the bags and car, get gas, clean the windshield, grab something to eat and get on the road, about 1.47 hours to get back to Denver to drop off our skis. Oh! Do you see the ice on the windshield? That’s on the inside!

Ok, so, I thought 1pm would be alright to leave. Ha ha. We hit the on ramp, it was backed up, not a good sign…It was very stop and go the entire way! And, oh joy… all of a sudden, a warning light comes on “Transmission overheating, stop for 5 minutes’ What?!

So…pull over for about five minutes. Somewhere in there, a guy walks up to the car and asks if we’re ok. I told him what happened and he said, oh yeah, that happens all the time! And it will probably happen again! Really?! Great…

And he was right, it happened about three more times, grr. So… the stop and go, having to pull over four times, our little two hour trip down from the mountain turned into a little over three. We dropped off ST’s skis and then mine and then made a beeline for the airport.

Then that comedy of errors began! Dropped off the car, meanwhile, ST’s flight is now delayed, not good. I was going to do curbside checkin with my bag, but I missed the entrance, so car return it is. We get off the shuttle and on the way in to the airport, I wiped out! Seriously?! I get to the counter and I had just missed the 45 minute cutoff for dropping bags, but… status is fabulous!

I limp through security and to the gate, made it just as they were finishing my boarding group. Then… the longest boarding process ever! It was like no one had ever been on a plane! But amazingly, we left 2 minutes late and arrived on time! And my bag made it too!

Now I’m at the hotel, icing my ankle, enjoying the fireplace thinking about sleeping right here on the sofa!

I can’t wait for my next adventure!


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