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{February 11, 2018}   A day on the mountain!

What a great day! Second time on the slopes for me this season, first time for ST in a few years! Let’s do this thing!

We got up earlier than anyone should for a Saturday! 6am, ugh! But, we had to get on the road, it’s about 1.5 hours to Breckenridge from Golden, Colorado. Ok, so that’s without traffic…GPS said 1.55, ok. In reality…3 hours, we literally got there about 9:45am, wow! It was snowing pretty hard, so everyone is moving slowly and we see the snow plows…going in the other direction!

I have to say, growing up in NYC, going to college in western NY, living in Colorado for a bit, all of that helped with driving in the snow, especially since we were in a Ford Escort! Nothing more suitable for the snow this time, that wouldn’t cost me a lot extra, no thanks! There were a few slip and slide potential moments, but…according to ST, I handled it like a champ! I hope he wasn’t lying!

We got to Breck, found a place to park, thankfully! Suited up, ok, tomorrow, we are wearing our ski pants to the mountain instead of putting them on in the car and in the snow! Boots on, that in and of itself is a beast! We got our skis, walked to the shuttle and poof! We were at the gondola! We got ST’s buddy pass and up the mountain we went!

Here is where the real struggle began! This happened to me the last time I was up here and it is incredibly frustrating, but…it’s nice, sort of, to know it’s happening to others as well, not just us! The snow is so wet, it is building up on the bottom of the boots, with ice, so fast that you cannot hook into the skis! You had to scraped the bottom of the boots really well before you can snap in. About 30 minutes later! we were on the lift!

Since this was ST’s first time in a while, it was slow going, only meaning that he took his time and I was totally fine with that! I remember my first time back on skis when I moved to Colorado. There was a lot of fresh powder, which sometimes makes skiing a little more difficult when it hasn’t been groomed. He took it all in stride and like a champ!

We skied a few runs, then it was time for lunch, well, we decided to have lunch with I think everyone else on the mountain! We were lucky to find a seat! Got some lunch, wow, what they charge for food! I am not sure if the lift ticket was cheaper!

After lunch, I went back out to do a few more runs and…after about 30 minutes of trying to get the skis back on, I was done. I was SO frustrated! I called ST and told him what happened and that we were outta here! GRRRRR

Do you see the amount of snow that piled up while we were in the lodge?!

Well, it was only about 3pm, we headed to the shuttle, got on the wrong one and got a short tour of Breckenridge, then back at the gondolas, got on the right shuttle and back to the car.

Then…it turns out a co-worker from my project in Chicago, who lives in Colorado, SG, was going to be in Breckenridge this weekend with his family and some friends, as well so we made plans to meet up this afternoon. We ended meeting them at Mi Casa, a Mexican restaurant, in downtown Breckenridge, for happy hour and we oh my, a very happy bunch!

There were three couples, with five kids between them, they are all neighbors and friends. There were pitchers or beer, drinks for the kids, wings, tacos, guac and chips for all, not to mention good conversations, a lot of laughs and new friendships.

A few hours later, we all parted ways, they all headed to their hotel in Breck and we headed to Silverthorne to our hotel. The roads were better than when we came in this morning! We chilled, got settled and thought about dinner.

But…we were so bushed, guess what’s about to happen in a few? zzzzzzzzzzzz What does tomorrow hold? More!!!


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