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{February 3, 2018}   Grace and Frankie Season 4…I want some of that

So, you know how much I love Grace and Frankie, well, I hope you do, I’ve mentioned it a few times. So, now you do!

If you haven’t watched it, basically the women, Grace and Frankie were married to Robert and Saul, respectively and Robert and Saul have been having an affair for about 20 years, it all comes out, the men leave the women and marry each other.

Grace and Frankie only tolerated each other all these years and now, they share the beach house the two families owned together and they’ve become friends and more, they become family, if that makes sense.

Now, it’s a few years later and they are closer than ever, they are best friends and when one moved away the other was devastated then she moved back and now they’re together again.

Grace is a little more straight laced and serious, loosening up a bit and Frankie is an artist, free thinking and coo-coo for cocoa puffs. I have a feeling my friends would say I’m more Frankie than Grace. I’m ok with that!

So, I’m sitting here watching season 4 and someone points out what they have with each other and someone said “I wish I had a Frankie” her sister says “I thought I was your Frankie” and I realize, I have that with my close friends, I am so very grateful for that.

But then I started thinking…who would be the Grace to my Frankie when we’re older? Someone to live in a giant beach house with an attached studio, share things with, do nothing with, scheme, watch movies on the sofa eating junk food, take care of each other when we’re not well, hide us when we don’t want to be seen and fight for each other.

Each of my sister/girlfriends have so many great qualities, I want to live with all of them in a giant house. They don’t all know each other, but they all know me and I want to grow old with all of them. Can’t I build this fabulous house on the beach that has enough rooms for all of us and each night I get to veg out and be silly with each of them? Wait, now we sound like one of those Mormon families with multiple/sister wives! OMG!

That’s what I do with each of them in different ways and I love it! JCT and I sit in her recliner chairs, even fall asleep there sometimes; TS and I sit on opposite love seats; RJS and I sit on opposite sides of a sofa sharing a blanket, SDL and I sit at the kitchen table and drink tea, CKM and I were always out, so we had a tradition of either sitting in each other’s cars or standing between the two for hours! LBK and I sit in her recliner sofa or at the kitchen table. DLP and I sit on the sofa in front of the fireplace at the Waldorf Astoria or on the floor in her apartment and WIS and I sit for hours in different vegan restaurants. And GES, we sit on the sofa together sharing a blanket, in the kitchen at the counter or on one of our beds at her house. CWB and I don’t live anywhere near each other so our time is on the phone, but I bet we’d sit on the sofa and talk all night.

Wow, I do the same thing with each of them, in slightly different ways, but it’s the same wonderful tradition and it’s not like it’s planned, it just works out that way. I wouldn’t change a thing!

So…back to my original idea…can’t I have that fabulous house with room for everyone? I want to grow old with each and every one of them. I love you all so very much! Wow I’m lucky!!!


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