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{January 28, 2018}   Had to come to Hawaii to see each other!

We had great plans of getting up VERY early to go watch the sunrise on the other side of the island. Think anyone remembered to set their alarm? Nope!

When I say very early, like 4am, so we can drive the hour to watch the sunrise. Guess what, I saw the sunrise, right outside my bedroom window just fine! Ha ha! What I need to do, is the first Friday I get home, go when I get up on my own at 4am!

Well, we got up eventually, I made some breakfast and we got some more planning done for our vacation! No, not telling! One thing I can tell you… neither of our hotel points or airline miles are going to help with this trip!

You should have see us, both propped up, laptops and cell phones in hand, comparing prices, looking for hotels, airfare, downloading guides. Adorable!

But all of that planning is getting our juices flowing and we are getting very excited! Now, if we could just get some other scheduling things into place so we can proceed and make definitely arrangements!

Then, I got the text I had been waiting for! WIS was docking in Oahu with a friend! They are on a 15 day cruise to Hawaii and it worked out for me to be here this weekend! We realized we haven’t seen each other since about September, go figure for us to see each other we have to go all the way to Hawaii!

They had a list of things to do, they had tickets for Pearl Harbor at 2pm, so the perfect place to meet, which was on their list, the Aloha Swap Meet! I’ve told you about it, it’s a giant swap meet, like a flea market on crack! It’s an Oahu staple, at the Hawaii University Stadium, open Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.

To refresh your memory, it’s got everything you could imagine and I’m sure things you couldn’t! It’s a great place for souvenirs to take back home for others or yourself. T-shirts 7 for $20, how do you beat that! Car seat covers, fresh fruits and vegetables, ukuleles, candy, coffee, lotions, stickers, you name it, you can probably find it! I believe Santa found the hair bobs for Miss A at the swap meet!

We walked around together, catching up, looking, enjoying, laughing. PSM and I bought a few things, go figure! We got some snorkel masks, the ones that cover your full face and I can attach my go-pro to it!!! We also got free waterproof cases for our phones with that purchase and we bought waterproof bags that we can attach to the stand up paddle boards, which can also convert to a backpack for easy carrying. It will hold a towel and a change of clothing. We can even use it swimming and/or snorkeling! We rock! So, if you visit, we are set with whatever you need for the beach! I’ll show you the signs he got me later, I forgot to take pictures before I left for the airport.

After we got our fill, we went for raman for lunch near the stadium, which was also very close to Pearl Harbor, perfect! This was a new experience for them, so a lot of fun deciding, discussing, tasting, experiencing. We talked travel, cruises, Disney, WIS’ friend, is a travel agent and she gave us some ideas for the trip we want to take, coincidence? I did feel bad because we started catching up on work, just as we do when we meet for dinner, so at some point I think both PSM and S started to zone out, sorry! PSM and I did give them some great ideas for the other islands they were going to visit! Hope we made up for the work stuff!

After lunch we parted ways, lots of hugs and goodbyes and they headed off to Pearl Harbor and we went home. I finished packing, gathered whatever I needed for my flight, said goodbye to Mollie, stopped at Down to Earth for some vegan munchies, oh my! And then off to the airport.

I have to say, it gets harder each time I have to leave. Especially after a great weekend like this, relaxing, no pressure and quality time together! I cannot wait for our vacation, it is going to be that times a lot!

And then it was up, up and away. I watched a few movies, got in about an hour of sleep and we’ll be landing soon and then it’s back to the grind and the cold. Looking forward to another great week in Illinois! How was your weekend!

Day 23


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