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{January 23, 2018}   Soul Vegan/Soul Vegetarian – Either way, yum!

I love this place!

I discovered Soul Vegan/Soul Vegetarian about two years ago when I was schedule to teach at the site I am at this week. When I was looking for somewhere to go for lunch today, what to my surprise did I find on my Happy Cow app? Majani for one! Do you remember me telling you about going to Majani, the vegan restaurant near DLP? It was about nine miles from the site. Well, Soul Vegetarian is about seven miles from the site, wow! I knew what I was doing for dinner!

I messaged DLP and eventually we worked it out, I had to go into the office, so I picked her up and we headed to Soul Vegan, which happens to be about a 15 minute drive to her house, perfect!

It’s not a fancy restaurant, bare bones, there are tables in the front room and back, a large counter for ordering takeout, an open case that has prepared sandwiches, desserts and some other cold things. Where it lacks in furnishings, it makes up for in energy and flavor. Every time I have been in there, there are a few people eating at the tables, but so many more at the deli counter or online to place or pick up orders.

On the other side is a deli counter, you can get hot or cold food. I was excited because I knew I was getting a fabulous dinner and then, from the deli counter, food for tomorrow! I need lunch in advance as there is not much happening around the site I am at!

We ordered nachos-n-cheeze, no jalapenos for our appetizer and I had the gyro and DLP had the ribs, both orders came with french fries. Once again, the food did not disappoint! That gyro was fabulous and I cannot wait to have the rest of it for lunch tomorrow!

From the deli, I ordered a few prepared salads, cous-cous, both large and small, egg-less egg salad, I know, let it out! and a carrot salad, the last one I tasted, oh boy! I love finding fun and new places that I can frequent and this one is on the list, especially having someone to go with!

If you’re in Chicago and you’re vegan or just curious, I recommend this place very highly. Ok, I have to go to sleep, I’m excited about lunch tomorrow!

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