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{January 20, 2018}   Breakfast, then a movie, then dinner

That was my day, a good day at that!

No alarms, just waking up. It helps to get in and crash about 1am, then you sleep until about 8am, from sheer exhaustion, I’m not complaining!

Dad and I got up, got ourselves together and then headed to Z One, a local diner/restaurant for breakfast and good conversation. We talked about travel, life, work, all sorts of things. I do love one-on-one weekends with my dad, it’s special.

Then back to the house to regroup and head out again and see Star Wars, FINALLY! I may be the only person on the planet who hadn’t seen it yet! Oh my! Dad saw it and was up for going again and enjoyed it a second time, I enjoyed it, I’ll tell you about it in another post! I did, however, finally get to tell BG that I saw it, he’s finally quite pleased!

After the movie, some errands and then back to the house to chill, we watched an episode of Brokenwood, a detective show on Acorn TV, out of New Zealand, enjoyable and interesting.

Then it was time to meet friends for dinner. More like family, these are people that have been in our lives for years. My mom worked at the same school as both Mrs B and KS and Mr B was my teacher of French. I always looked at all these other women as moms, ‘all the moms are coming over’ that sort of thing. KS’ husband, dad and I made 6 on the group.

We went to Brunos, it used to be Bruno’s Patisserie, but lucky for me, who was having the hardest time saying that, it’s now just Bruno’s!

The bakery counter, which is what they’re known for, is impressive. The food, matches the bakery counter.

We had appetizers and then the main course, I had spinach and potato gnocchi, yum! With spinach, garlic and cooked in garlic and olive oil. For dessert, there was tortufo, sorbet, an assortment of cookies and mousse.

Overall, aside from the noise level, there were quite a few large parties, the food was good, the service…not as good, it was crazy busy, so understandable, but the server was charming and funny. Same opening line at every table “so, four burgers well done with fries?!” Ha ha.

What was great was the conversation and the company, it’s always good to be with family. Maybe you can join is next time!

Day 15


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