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{January 17, 2018}   Happy hour time!

It’s been a while since we had a work happy hour, we were overdue. Guess what we did tonight!

We met at Cactus Bar & Grille,, it’s where we have had all the project happy hours I have been to. It’s a laid back place with a bar, a bunch of wooden high top tables and corrugated metal walls. We were there for happy hour, drink and food specials.

I finished at the client site about 5pm, so I decided to walk over, it was about half a mile, and it was a nice, crisp, chilly walk through the streets of Chicago. Wow, that sounded so much like a Dickens novel, ha ha!

I got there before everyone else, so I checked in at the podium, was taken to our tables and ordered an amaretto on the rocks, yum! It was ‘let’s pretend to be a grownup night’! You know how crazy it got? I actually ordered another! The first was only half a glass, so I decided to go crazy! I can’t even remember the last time I had one!

With my first drink I ordered guacamole and chips. I wasn’t sure what anyone else would want, but I didn’t want to drink on an empty stomach, I was hungry and I knew people would show up eventually to help me out. Oh, later, the cauliflower bits, yum!

My co-workers showed up, some of the client team showed up and we were on! Even a co-worker who left the project eight months ago. Eight months? Where did the time go?!

It was great catching up with everyone, just seeing everyone! I haven’t been in Chicago since mid-November when I was sent into the field to do onsite support. I’ve missed seeing my co-workers and friends, I was used to seeing them at least every other week, well, at least once a month, since we went through re-training over the summer.

Happy hours and work gatherings are a great way to blow off steam, catch up with friends and co-workers, maybe make new friends or connections, talk a little shop and relax.

It was just what the doctor ordered.

Day 11


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