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{January 17, 2018}   Another goodbye and a fabulous meal!

Tonight we bid a fond farewell to another team member at a fabulous restaurant.

I believe I’ve told you about team or project roll-off dinners. Basically, when someone new joins we call it ‘roll-on’ and then when someone has been there a long time leaves we call it ‘rolling-off’ a project. Then…we have to have a party! There is usually a roll-on lunch or dinner to welcome them to the project or, in this case, say goodbye and wish them well during their roll-off dinner.

The first place we had a reservation decided to close for the evening, so quick thinking, we ended up at Sepia,, and well worth it!

As the name might tell you, the theme was sepia color filter, there was a sepia filter feel to the entire restaurant. And, as I did some research, it was built from an 1890’s print shop, go figure! There were interesting photographs on the walls, some sepia, some black and white, even what looked like book plates, but arranged as a photo display on a wall. Even though it was a large space, wherever you sat, it felt intimate, you could have a private conversation if that was on the menu for you.

It feels rustic and farm to table and creative and organic. They had things for every taste, the less than adventurous, chicken, swordfish, scallops and then for the curious, venison, rabbit, duck, goat, just to name a few things. The portions were the proper size, not too much but leaving you satisfied.

I called earlier, you know when I looked at the menu, I had to ask and they assured me they could feed a vegan, I’m good with that. The appetizers I had to skip, but that left more for me to eat my dinner and let me just tell you, no leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

The chef made me coconut tortellini, fresh sliced coconuts, sweet potatoes, carrots and a few other vegetables in a coconut milk sauce. It was light, delicate, delicious and filling. I was quite happy! Y U M!

Dessert looked delicious, but unfortunately, the most I could do was have a taste of someone’s and what I tasted was fabulous! Sesame cake with grape sorbet, frozen grapes and asian pear and tahini. Someone else got the cheesecake, which I didn’t taste, but the beet sorbet that I did taste was out of this world! Look what they did for JW’s dessert!

Overall, it was a great evening, a good meal, good friends and a fine send off for a great co-worker who will be missed.

Day 12


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