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{January 11, 2018}   Two different meals, two different friends, two great nights

Between yesterday and today, great food, great conversation, great friends. What more could you want? I have met and made some amazing friends through different jobs, you’ve heard me talk about ST, TS, JCT, RJS, they were from two different companies and now, in the last few years, you’ve heard me talk about DLP, HH, LJ, SH, LS, WIS, they are all from my current company, different projects, I have been super lucky and now I can add EDW! I know, I know, you really want faces with these name, or just names! Sorry! I knew I was going to be at one site on Wednesday so I reached out to EDW who I met at that site, and clicked with, to see if she was free for dinner, we had such a great time last week! Wednesday, I left one site and drove to meet her for dinner, on my way to my next hotel. We met Friaco’s Mexican restaurant, a place she really enjoys and as I think I’ve mentioned, you can’t get good Mexican food in Hawaii, so I’m always down for Mexican. Do you remember when SDL, Miss A and I went for Mexican food the night before we left for Mexico?! Friaco’s,, was good. We had chips and guacamole, which I seem to crave a lot. We discussed how avocados are great, but when other people have them! I got into avocados and guacamole a few years ago and enjoy them when I go out to eat and when other people offer them to me, but when I buy one, it seems to sit there and go bad, could someone please explain this to me! Black bean soup and rice was just the thing, both cooked in water and the waitress was good, when she first brought the soup, I told her it was hot, which I had said I couldn’t do spicy, she said “how about another bowl without the pico”. Apparently when I tell people that black pepper is spicy, it does not compute! Oh well. After that, tasty, tasty, tasty! We talked travel, skiing, ski in and out places, Key West, Hawaii, work, families, food, working out, I think we covered the gamut! Yup, that sounds about right! Then, tonight, I went to meet SH at Amitabul, the Vegan Korean restaurant you may remember me telling you about last year, ha ha! that I went to with WIS. It was just as good as I remember it the last time! I like the atmosphere, it’s relaxed and comfortable and welcoming. One of the great things was that SH lives near the restaurant and orders from there all the time. Even better… she’s Korean and could explain a few things to me! As I’ve told you before, I love going to vegan restaurants because the one and only question I ever need to ask…’Is it spicy?” We had date tea, Energy pancakes, summer rolls, and we both had soup, ginormous bowls of soup with vegetables and noodles and mine had vegetable dumplings, oh my. Let’s just say, lunch tomorrow! It was a great time! We talked work, travel, family, what more could you want?! We both have some trips planned and ideas fur places to go and… we may even overlap in Hawaii! What’s are the odds?! So, good location, good food, great company, what more could you want!

Day 6


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