Peaches Prattlings

{December 25, 2017}   Sand, Fishes, Chinatown and Lights, Oh My!

This morning started waaaay too early! But it was2 worth it!

We got up before the sun to go down to Honolulu to listen to a presentation, which, thankfully Miss A helped us get out of! And we got a good deal on tickets to something we’re doing next weekend. Go Miss A!

Then it was time for breakfast for Miss A and a snack for SDL and I. We walked to find a spot on the beach and walked through the Sheraton and admired their 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian style and in sand!

Then it was off to the car, drop the top and head to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, I don’t know if you remember me telling you about it a while back. It’s protected marine life conservation area that sees about 3000 visitors a day! Can you imagine! The amazing thing, it never feels that crowded!

We spent some time swimming, sunning, looking for fish and making friends. All that fresh air and sunshine can make a girl hungry, well, three girls, hungry! We headed off towards Turtle Bay and took another turn and ended up, pleasantly, in Chinatown. We found a place that was open, a very popular place, as it was crowded and taking reservations. We had a very nice meal and then as we were walking back towards we saw all the restaurants that seemed deserted, but now had crowds of people, a promising thought for the future!

After dinner, we headed down to City Hall to the Honolulu City Lights. This is a month long Christmas lights including a huge tree with Shaka Santa and Tūtū Mele. I remember passing it last year and seeing it and wanting to go! We didn’t make it, but this year, thanks to SDL and Miss A, we made it! How much do you love this!

Merry Christmas Eve! Tomorrow, I will be wishing you Mele Kalikimaka!


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