Peaches Prattlings

{November 24, 2017}   Thanksgiving is over…right?

Nope! Ha ha!

Thanksgiving was yesterday, here we are on Friday, most people are maybe tightening their belts again after their Thanksgiving meals yesterday and some people are black Friday shopping. No thanks.

Ok, I can’t say that completely. We have PSM’s family Chanukah party tomorrow and we need gifts for all the kids, uh oh. But first…

I need to prep a turkey! I know, you’re like what? Aren’t you vegan JJ? Yup! The vegan is prepping the turkey! The family seems to love my champagne turkey, I’ve been doing it for years! Super simple recipe [1 stick of butter, cubed, under the skin, 2 apples halved, in the cavity, 1 tbsp garlic powder, put the turkey in a roasting bag, cover with 1 bottle of champagne, seal the bag, cook for about 3-31/2 hours at 350 and fall off the bone, moist turkey, enjoy!]

And I’ll explain about the turkey in a moment. As the turkey is cooking, I took a shower and then ran out to Five Below, a fabulous store where everything is five dollars or below, It’s better than the dollar store, pretty good stuff and I found something for everyone.

Back to the house, check on the turkey and spend time with the folks who have shown up. And what are they here for? Thanksgiving round two! GES’ b-i-l and s-i-l spend Thanksgiving with AS’ family and on Friday, they come to GES’ house for another Thanksgiving celebration. We were joined by J&E K, their kids and EJS had a friend over as well. I think there may have been more food than at the two meals yesterday! Crazy! What a wonderful afternoon spent with friends and family, the celebration and love continued.

After lunch, PSM and I headed out to K&D N’s house for an evening ‘with the gang’. K&D N and their kids, SC, S&B B and their kids, G&J B and their kids and there are always extra kids there or coming with the other families, it’s fabulous. There was food, drink, laughter, catching up and a few games of Pitch. This is a card game I was told I’d played before, but I don’t remember! But I will now! Apparently, I did alright, probably beginners luck, but I’m game to try again!

What a fun evening! Then it was back to GES’ house, I needed to make a quiche for tomorrow and wrap presents, we have the family Chanukah party tomorrow!

What a great day!


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