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{November 10, 2017}   Happy birthday Saint J!

No, you didn’t miss a religious holiday! This is the birthday of family!

I have told you about Mr & Mrs B before, they are LBK’s parents. I even told you a little about them earlier in the week, they are KK’s grandparents!

Mrs. B worked with my mom for years at the same school. They started when I was a kid, so the two families became great friends. We celebrated holidays together, their house was the first time I decorated a Christmas tree! They had latkes and lit a menorah at our house. We’ve celebrated birthdays together and traveled together, as families when we were kids and adults with our respective families.

They are an amazing family and Mr & Mrs B are like another fabulous set of parents. They have been there through all the good and bad my family has been through, as we have for theirs. They remember every birthday, not only dad and LaLa, but GES, me, EJS and MGS and dad does the same for them and LBK and her kids. They are also catholic, hence, the reason we dubbed Mrs B as Saint J when I was younger.

I used to cal them by their first names and then as soon as I was in a class that Mr B taught, they became Mr & Mrs B to me. I even address their cards as ‘Mr & Mrs ‘The Bs’. I’ll never forget one day Mrs B said “You know, you could call can all us J & E”, um, nope! I tried, not going to happen.

Today is Mrs B’s birthday and should be celebrated! Mrs B is getting to do what she loves today, spend the day with her family! Happy birthday Saint J! I hope today is as fabulous as you!


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