Peaches Prattlings

{November 8, 2017}   It’s signing day! Proud auntie moment!

Two amazing young women I have had the honor to watch grow up are now committed to two great colleges for their respective sports.

I’ve talked about these two girls over the years. KK I have known since she was a baby, her mom and, LBK, have known each other since we were kids. Our moms worked together at the same school and her dad was my teacher of French in middle school. I got to see LBK get married an watch as she became a mother to three amazing girls!

ST, is the daughter of my friend JCT, who I have known since 2009 when we started on a project together in Atlanta and we have been steadfast friends and family ever since.

Well, these two young women, have been enjoying their respective sports for as long as I can remember. KK is a champion fast pitch pitcher in softball and ST is an amazing golfer. They have played for their schools and independently for years, traveling the country competing in different venues.

High schools and colleges have been looking at both of them since they were in middle school, possibly even sooner, but they couldn’t do anything about it until they at least got into high school and boy did the schools start knocking down the doors! It was tough competition for them to say yes, the offers, the scholarships, the visits, the chats, the phone calls, basically, the courting!

And today, they made final, official decisions. They had made their decisions a while ago, but it wasn’t official until they put pen to paper and signed! When you are at KK’s house, it’s covered with things from her new school, has been for months and at ST’s you knew where she was going.

ST made the decision that she wants to play golf at and for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and KK is going to play softball at and for the University of Delaware Blue Hens. How fabulous is that!

I am so proud of both of these girls, watching them grow into smart, strong, talented young women and being noticed by others, not just their family and friends for amazing achievements.

I wish them so much love and good wishes and happiness for life and right now, the next four year, working hard and showing their school and the world what they can do! I cannot wait to come to a game and watch them shine!

Have fun, good luck and don’t forget auntie J wants a hoodie!


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