Peaches Prattlings

{October 31, 2017}   It’s Halloween! Boo! Eek!

It’s Halloween! Let’s celebrate! Oh, how I love this holiday! I’m bummed that when I’m on the road, I don’t get to dress up and participate. Oh did I have some fabulous Halloweens! As a kid, dressing up and going trick-or-treating with my parents and then with friends. Some years, buying costumes, other years, making them. I’ve been Emmet Kelly, the famous hobo clown, Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz, Charlie Chaplin. As an adult, I got into it all over again, Maleficent, The Wicked Queen from Snow White, Cruella de vil, a little old man, a geisha with a fabulous pagoda at work. Oh my, did I love dressing up and fooling people. My house, oh my house, wow, loved decorating. It was scary and fun, kids loved and were terrified to come to the front door. One year I got a popcorn machine and wagon for my birthday and that was the start of being known as “The popcorn lady”! They loved it, they got candy and hot popcorn! I was sweeping popcorn from my lawn for weeks! I think the birds loved it! Now, I’m responsible for the Halloween costumes for eight fabulous little people! I remember when it started! When EJS was born I asked GES if I could get her Halloween costume and she said yes, if I didn’t, there might not be one! And the tradition was born! What a joy and treat for me! I get to do something wonderful and special and I so love being able to give them what they want to be, to help them imagine what it’s like to be something different, play dress up and pretend. Each year it’s something different. The first year, if their moms don’t tell me what they want to be, then I get something fun, hoping it’s what they might want. No matter what, cuties! This year, EJS was a doctor, MGS a police officer, LB a zombie cheerleader, Princess L was a pirate, Baby A was Sonic the Hedgehog, his baby sister E was Minnie Mouse, CDL was Winnie the Pooh and Miss A, well, she was a biker babe! I talked to MGS right after she got her costume ‘Thank you so much for my costume!” When did she grow up? EJS was tickled to be a doctor! LB and Princess L looked great, a zombie cheerleader? Where did she come up with that! And my pirate princess, priceless! Baby A as Sonic and Baby sister E as Minnie Mouse? They both refused to take off their costumes when they got them! Baby A, he was Mickey Mouse and went through the same thing, LOVE! CDL’s Winnie the Pooh didn’t fit last year, but this year, perfect! And Miss A? I just supplied the biker jacket and tattoo sleeves, SDL, well, she out did herself! She turned Miss A’s wheelchair into a CHOPPER! Headlights and all! Wow! All my babies, wow! They looked so fantastic! I love being a part of it and seeing their faces when they’re in costume and trick-or-treating. I wait all year for this and I’m ready for next year! Happy Halloween my friends and family! Boo!


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