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{October 28, 2017}   A mitzvah, a family event

Today, PSM and I attended a family event together.

PSM’s first cousin’s son, JK, became a bar mitzvah today. What an honor to be included in these family events. I’ve been to other family functions, holidays, parties, this is a little different, these events are more formal and special.

I got in last night, did you love my hotel room!? PSM went to the dinner they were having at the hotel where most everyone was staying and got to spend some time with his family, they are a fantastic bunch of people and so close, it’s special.

This morning, we went to the synagogue to watch JK take his place among the congregation, become an adult and lead us through his Torah and Havdalah. He gave a great speech, chanted the prayers and Torah and Havdalah portions so well, he made his family, friends and his congregation proud.

Years of study and practice go into learning the prayers, preparing for this special day, spending time working with the rabbi on the prayers, working with the cantor learning to chant the prayers and readings, working with his parents preparing his speeches. All of this culminating to a very special day for everyone, of course, most importantly, the bar mitzvah himself.

Hard work should be well rewarded and after such a ceremony, we celebrate! The first, was right after the service, we had a small luncheon and then later in the evening, we had a good old fashioned party! It was at the Empire Room on the NY State Fairgrounds.

There were appetizers, drinks, dinner, dancing, games for the kids and time to spend together catching up, making new friends and just enjoying being together and participating in the joy of the day and the pride his parents and family felt.

This was a true celebration! Mazel Tov to JK and his family.


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