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{October 25, 2017}   A new friend and a concert! A pretty good day!

Tonight I made a new friend, introduced them to a new restaurant and went to a concert. This was all after working a full and fabulous day! Not too shabby, huh?

So, fabulous day to start. We went live yesterday with the application I am supporting and that was quite the experience. Some things went better than others and then there were the others, but over all, I’m pleased.

Then, dinner with a new friend! SMH is a new member of the team I am on in Chicago. Tonight we were going to go to one of my favorite vegan restaurants, Kitchen 17, to introduce her to vegan deep dish. Well, before we went to dinner, SMH was given two tickets to the Katie Perry concert! Did I want to go? Sure!

So, the concert started at 7pm, we were hungry and went to Native Foods, another fabulous vegan restaurant I love. I cannot believe I forgot to take a picture of my food! I had their new steak sandwiche and it was fabulous! Enough that I ate it two days in a row, right?! SMH had the reuben, you know much I love that sandwich. I couldn’t finish it like the night before, no idea how that happened!

After dinner we went over to the United Arena for the concert. We got there as the opening act was finishing up, about three songs we heard, Noah Cyrus, the younger sister of Miley Cyrus. She was pretty good, I don’t know her music.

The negative, we waited a little over an hour for the main event. It was after 9:15pm when Katie Perry came on stage, not cool. The arena was packed with all ages, but a large number of kids under 10 years old, think their moms were happy the fact that their kids were up and waiting, waiting, waiting. SMH kept looking at each other, how long do we give it! We are two adult women at a concert on a Wednesday night, have to go to work in the morning. We all know that I don’t sleep much, but still, we felt old asking this question!

The one good thing…all the music that was playing while we waited was 80’s, I was happy! Of course, to SMH and half the crowd these were oldies, as they had not been born yet in the 80’s!

When it started, what a performer and performance! The sets, the musicians, the music, the backup dancers, the lights, the sounds, the effects! I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot of Katie Perry’s music, more than I thought, which was definitely nice! The first few songs SMH and the rest of the crowd knew, and then she went into some ‘old school’ Katie Perry, ‘Hot and Cold’, ‘I Kissed a Girl’, the sets changed almost every song or every few songs and they corresponded to what she was singing. Really great and simple sets and props to convey the message and tell a story. Sometimes, I’m not sure what that story was, but it told a story!

We gave it until about 10:30pm and then we were out and we were ok with that. Get this, SMH’s mom was invited to the same concert! She had plans and wasn’t there, but how cool would that have been to see her there! Overall, a great night, making a new friend, introducing her to some good food, which she really enjoyed, a great concert to end a great day!

Enjoy the photos and the clips!


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