Peaches Prattlings

{September 18, 2017}   What a weekend!!!

I had a very quick trip to Atlanta andI want to tell you all about it!

I arrived late on Friday night, crashed with ST and got to met his temporary roommate. First thing was to go to Waffle House! It was good to catch up, we haven’t seen each other in a few months. We talked work, travel, relationships, kids, I think we covered it all!

The next morning I went to my house to see it after the interior was painted, ran a vacuum, it’s definitely not my house anymore, that’s an interesting feeling.

Then, return the vacuum and head to see my kids, TYL and my newest grandbaby, CDL, her brother, CH and his wife, AH at the restaurant they all work at. Oh, what a doll baby my newest grandson, CDL, is! Smart, curious, sweet, happy, smells good and what a giggle! I’m so glad I get to be a part of his life and be in my kids lives again. What amazing human beings they are!

Get this…CH even cooked for me!!! He made me artichoke hearts with garlic and olive oil and let me tell you, wow and yum! He can cook for me anytime! Do I seem biased? You bet your sweet bippy! Every day and twice on Sunday!

When I left the kids, I headed to met SDL, MissA and DJL at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Last time we were there was the day before we left for Mexico!

Live music, good music at that, MissA was rocking out to a lot of the songs, she can get down! Good food, friends, conversation, laughs, silliness, Halloween costumes, the only thing missing, CKM! Unfortunately, she had plans last night, bummer!

Back to SDL’s house for a little more catch up and then… crash. Zzzzz Up today, grab the groceries and head out to see the rest of the grandbabies.

Unfortunately, LB and Baby L weren’t able to come, so it was just KLB, CS and the kiddies, BabyA and his sister ELB. I was in heaven, as you can imagine! We played, caught up, giggled, laughed, chased, BabyA crawled in my lap to show me his video game controler, I learned about Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft and MarioKart, all in a very short period of time! Then ELB was in my lap, then both of them, oh yes! Happy JJ! They both wanted to play with my watch and the rest of my jewelry.

Now, let’s go cook! KLB made pancakes while the kids played hide and seek in the cabinets, love it! Then BabyA and I cracked, scrambled and cooked eggs for everyone. How fabulous was that!

More chatting, laughing, giggling, rubbing. Let’s just say, thanks BabyA for giving me a lot of steps today! Oh, and the discussion of Halloween costumes! Then it was time to go with promises of a next visit.

Now, for my last visit, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with TS. The Curious Garden. Wonderful! We walked the canopy in the trees, saw the lady in the water and smelled some fabulous smells.

Through the grounds, into the Chinese meditation garden. Through the archway to the orchid greenhouse.

What amazing creators orchids are!! Some even look like people. Different species and creations.

Then through the edible garden and a field of my favorite flower, sunflowers, sigh.

Then it was time to part company, I had to get gas in the retal car, return it, then catch my flight back to Chicago, teaching class in the morning.

Staying at a new hotel, I’ll tell you about it! Have a great night!

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