Peaches Prattlings

{September 12, 2017}   Mmmm…Majani…yum!

Such good food!

Tonight, DLP and I had date night and it was at Majani, the vegan place near her house we went to a while back.

We were going to hop yesterday, but we were both tired, it worked out perfectly so I could talk to CWB.

We got there and they were so excited that they had printed menus, instead of just the chalkboard on the wall, but… unfortunately they didn’t have everything on the menu, so poor DLP was turned down for every choice she made! She did eventually find something, not get first choice, but she enjoyed it.

We started with fried cheese grits, they were great! I’m a sugar in my grits girl, but this worked! It was on a bed of fresh tomato sauce and on top. I asked for it on the side in case it was spicy, you know no one thinks anything is spicy…uh huh…but in between the sauce, yum!

Then I had their lentil and veggie soup with a piece of gluten free corn bread. The corn bread was good, but the soup, wow! The bowl was huge!

By the time the gyro cane, I was done! Well, before the gyro came! Guess what I have for lunch tomorrow!!

We ordered dessert to go, DLP got carrot cake and I got pineapple upside down cake. I tasted it after I got to the hotel tonight, wow!

So looking forward to lunch tomorrow!


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