Peaches Prattlings

{September 11, 2017}   Surprise… no go. Chinatown… go!

Today, my attempt to surprise my family didn’t go as planned…or at all!

PSM had a very early flight, so I got to sleep in, first time in a few weeks! Vacation in Hawaii meant up early, what? Yup, either up early for a tour or just the sun coming up! I didn’t even hear PSM leave this morning about 415am! I woke up at 515am, realized I was alone, confused at first! Then checked my phone and called PSM, then zzzzz until about 920am, wow!

Got up, showered, then the fire alarm goes off at the hotel, goody. Got back into the room, finished getting ready, packed and headed out.

I texted GES to see where they were, even threw in a phone call, no dice! I’m usually really good at surprises, this killed my record! I did leave them a great in the mailbox! I’m coming back in two weeks, I can’t wait to see them! They know I’m coming!

After I left their house, I drove into Boston and to Chinatown and went to a great vegan Thai restaurant for a good meal and got some food for tonight when I get back to Chicago, yum!

Then, off to the airport, return the car and head to my gate to hang until it was time to go.

Surprise…fail. Chinatown… win.

Chicago… here I come!


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