Peaches Prattlings

{September 11, 2017}   Start with a sister… end with a seestah!

A pretty good day today!

I told you I tried to surprise the family on Sunday and it was a bust. Well, I got to Chicago, ended up doing some work at the hotel until about 3am, ugh, but…I got it done! SomethingI had been fighting with.

Then, of course, I couldn’t sleep! 5am I was forcing myself to sleep and I did! Did I get too much sleep last night?

But then the phone rang just before 730am, huh? But… so glad it did, it was my baby sister, GES. We talked for about an hour, well, she talked and I got more tired! I’m kidding, she was telling me about her weekend, the girls, school, work, the usual! It was great! We made quasi plans for the weekend I’m there, can’t wait to see them, this is the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other! Auntie needs her hugs and kisses and giggles!

Then it was work, which was gear, very busy all day, makes the day fly, then it was 7pm, what? But… bear part was catching up with DLP of course! Missed my work wife!

I ended the day on the phone with a seestah, CWB. I told you a little more about her last week with my post on her birthday.

It was great, we catch moments when we can and its wonderful. It really is like talking to a sister, she actually asks me some of the same questions, hmmm…

So, my day was pretty good, don’t you think. It started with my sister and ended with a seestah! I’m a lucky girl!


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