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{September 9, 2017}   Surprise! Happy birthday KN!

A surprise party it is and a surprise it was!

PSM’s best friend, KN, is turning 50 in October and his wife, DTS, wanted to throw him a birthday party, outside, so this was a great weekend for it!

As soon as I told PSM about it, of course I told him immediately! And no question we were going to be there! Just had to work out logistics. We were scheduled to be in vacation the week before the party. We had the hardest time scheduling our first two choices, Western and American Samoa or Saipan. Not difficult getting there, but the number of flights available coming back to Hawaii, not great. So… that’s when we decided to check out our new home state send go to Kauai, lots of flights in and out every day and only about 35 minutes. Sounds good to me!

PSM and I were talking a few weeks ago and hatched a plan! PSM then called DTN to see what she thought about PSM asking KN to go for a motorcycle ride the morning of the party. Perfect! Easiest way to get him out of the house! He called KN and said he was coming to Boston for work and how about a ride? Yes! I fibbed when he asked if I was coming…um…

We were all set, flights booked, for me, Chicago > Honolulu > Kauai > Honolulu >Boston > Chicago, tomorrow. For PSM Honolulu > Kauai > Honolulu >Boston > Honolulu.

After an amazing week in Kauai, with the chickens, roosters, sun, sand, surf and fun, home on Thursday for laundry and sleep! Friday afternoon, leave Hawaii, landed this morning, picked PSM up when he landed, went to the hotel for a minute. Yup, different flights, different airlines!

Then it was off to K&DTN’s for a party! So great to see everyone, all the usual suspects, fabulous! It’s a giant family! I love seeing everyone, getting to know them better each time. I’m not sure how they’ll feel about us after they try the spam flavored macadamia nuts we brought them!

It was great hanging out and catching up and a few false alarms “they’re here!” Nope, it was another Harley Davidson going by, which happens a lot by them!

On the last one, we all filed into the front yard to wait. After a bit, we heard them, the unmistakable rumble, this time , multiplied because there were several bikes coming down the road. Best part, we were all looking one way and someone said, wouldn’t it be funny if they came from the other direction. Guess what they did!

He was totally surprised! Even rode right past us and around the block! Then he came to the house and it was hugs and cheers by and for everyone!

Now it’s time to party! He was so thrilled and touched that we were all there to celebrate him. He couldn’t believe that PSM and I cut out vacation short to be there, but there was no where else we would be!

There was a great selection of treats for appetizers, a great Italian spread with pasta, meatballs, salad, bread for dinner and of course, a fabulous cake!

The weather was perfect, even a few kids in the pool! Eventually, there was a chill in the air and a fire got built, that was party central!

Eventually, it was time to head out, PSM has a very early flight in the morning. I’m going to sleep in… then, don’t tell GES, but I’m going to try to surprise the family with a quick visit! Fingers crossed I am successful! Then it’s back to Chicago for work.

What a whirlwind!


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