Peaches Prattlings

{September 8, 2017}   So…stuff happens, right?

It just sucks when it happens on vacation…Kind of like a summer cold.

I know I owe you a few posts from our Kauai vacation, but as things happen, I am delayed, my apolgies.

So… the first thing that delayed me was Monday night. Apparently with too much sun and too much juice, I have no idea, can have a negative effect. Let’s just say, I had too much sun, got a burn and then at the luau, I honestly think I had too much juice, sugar, whatever, I think I got a touch of sun poisoning, bad combination, and passed out, among other things. Scared PSM just a wee bit, but he was great, taking care of me and making sure I got back to the hotel safely and putting me to bed.

Tuesday, we did stuff, but at a much slower pace, that mack truck that hit me wiped me out!

I had some connection issues, so of course, frustrating there.

Last grrr…I dropped my phone, for the thousandth time, it seemed like, and my screen finally cracked! Oh no!!! At least it’s only in the corner and the camera is just fine in the front and the back. I was just talking about getting a new phone, isn’t that always the way? PSM said I handled it well, what else could I do?

Oh yeah, the sunburn, ouch! Here’s what happened there… I’ve been in the Hawaii sun a bunch and after the initial tan, I’ll admit, I don’t put sunblock on every time. Shh… don’t tell my mom! Now, if I’m going to be in the sun for a really long time, I put it on, especially my face.

For the past few months I’ve been wearing a bathing suit that is shorts and a shirt, I’m sure you know what I mean. Well, Monday, I decidedI was going to wear a bikini, yup, me! It’s actually a top and bottom that you would wear to work out, so it fits well. At least I think it does and PSM liked it.

Since I was wearing something new and exposing more skin, and in new places, I applied sunblock everywhere, that you can tell my mom! Ha ha. Well… even though I applied it everywhere, apparently, I forgot my midsection! Or, I didn’t apply enough! I am burned, red- lobster red, oh my! And ooouuucchhhh!

Let’s just say, you can tell what kind of straps for me top and it looks like I was wearing a cummerbun for a tuxedo! Oh my!

I got some good lotion and cooling gel and I’m getting better. Some of it is already starting to turn brown, so I’m good to go! As I always say when I come home for a bit, when I go back to work I want to look like I’ve been somewhere! Mission accomplished!

So… overall, not bad, just not fun when these things happen on vacation, right?

Moving on, I have so much to tell you, tomorrow!


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