Peaches Prattlings

{September 4, 2017}   Ka lāʻekolu Kauai. He aha ke kiʻi hou aʻe ?!.

Day three Kauai. What’s our next adventure?!

Today consisted of driving up the Waimea Canyon Drive to the various lookouts, stopping along the drive at different scenic overlooks and a few hikes, or walks. I hope you’ll join us.

The next overlook stop was interesting and beautiful. Look at all the ‘people’ others have made stacking rocks. Of course we added us, mine has a red rock on top for the redhead I am!

The next stop was the Waimea Canyon Lookout. They say this canyon is the Grand Canyon of the Hawaiin Islands and its true. I know the photos don’t do it justice, but wow!

You know you’re on an island, and its not a huge island, but being up here, looking out at the vastness, it doesn’t feel that small, but you do.

There was another park overlook, Kokee Road, that we stopped at. This was looking over the Nopali Coast, where we were snorkeling yesterday. I took photos of this side of the mountain from down there looking up, just amazing!

Major props to PSM for sitting where he is! Like many, heights is not his thing, but he’s been challenging himself for a long time and the hikes he’s been taking since moving to Hawaii has been helping.

Next was Pihea Trail in Hanapepe. Some areas were mostly on the Hawaiian Red Dirt Hawaii is famous for and it looked like we were walking on another planet. Once on a while we geeked out feeling like we were on an episode of Star Trek!

It’s good we got there when we did, sort of. We had great visibility all the way driving up the canyon road and when we started down this trail, but the clouds had been threatening and then they started rolling in and when you looked to the left, nothing, literally, nothing.

The trade winds have left and this week is a little warm, even by Hawaiian standards, so when the clouds roll in, ahh. It’s like air conditioning and a mist machine all rolled into one.

We left just in time, as the rain started. Then coming down, it was as if it never happened!

Now, after all that hiking, time for some lunch. We found a little thai place that doubled as a shaved ice stand, treat shack and was attached to a clothing store.

Here are our breakfast and lunch companions. I don’t know if you remember me telling you that the chickens and rosters are all over Kauai, even at the hotel and in the restaurant since it’s open. No one bothers them and they don’t bother you, just pick up what you dropped. Who needs a dog…or a swifer!

After lunch, a trip to the beach at the end of the world! We went almost to the end of the island and took a left. Then, down a four mile dirt and jutted road with potholes, divits and bumps. As we’re driving, the clouds are slowly rolling in and just as we get to the beach, drip, drop, drip, drop. Doesn’t stop us from getting out of the car. What’s that saying? “A rainy day at the beach is better than a day at the office”. I would have to agree!

The people on the beach knew what they were doing, tents with flaps keeping out the rain. Or several open type tents with flaps next to each other creating a barrier against the rain.

We left the beach at the end of the world and headed back to our hotel, got two of our free mai tais and walked to the beach behind our hotel to swatch another amazing sunset.

Dinner at the hotel…with the chickens, who I continually promise I will not be eating.

Tomorrow starts early… another great adventure! Join us?!


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