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{August 26, 2017}   Saturday… what did we do?

More like… what didn’t we do?!

I got in late last night, no non- stops from St Louis to Denver in the evening. PSM got out yesterday morning, non-stop and was at the hotel bar relaxing when I landed in Chicago.

I was originally flying through Houston, but with Hurricane Harvey causing trouble, United called and re- booked me through Chicago, nice. I also promoted to gold status on United last week, so first class on both flight, wahoo!

I got in about midnight, got my bag and car, headed to the hotel and very quietly snuck into bed about 130am, talked to you, then crashed a while later.

The alarm…yup… went off about 630am, ugh. I snoozed a bit, then got up, dressed and walked out the door towards Coors Field, I was meeting LJ for The Color Run, you know, “The Happiest 5k on Earth!”

And you know what, it is! You can’t be unhappy participating in this race. You get to run through clouds of color and become a rainbow! This was LJ’s first 5k, let alone Color Run. We had a great time! We ran the start and finish, well, if anyone asks, yup, we ran!

I walked/ ran to meet her so I was pumped! After, we walked to get some food near my hotel, it was only about 1.5 miles, so by the time I got back to the hotel, 6 miles under my feet!

I don’t know if you remember how many races I used to do, about 2-3 a month for a few years. This is the first this year and it reminded me how much I enjoyed, not so much the running, but the excitement, the energy, the sense of accomplishment! I have one more scheduled this year, in Denver and I’m hoping to get back on track next year!

Denver is such a beautiful, interesting and eclectic city! While we were having lunch, we saw a class of service dogs and their trainers, learning… walking through crowds, sitting under tables, meeting other dogs, it was great!

We parted company, we’ll meet again later. I went to the hotel, showered, rested a little, then we headed out to True Foods for lunch with PSM’s cousin, D and her husband P, I don’t know if you remember me telling you about our last visit. They live in Denver and were fabulous to squeeze us into their schedule!

I have ordered food from True Foods in Chicago, but only their pizza, I believe I shared it with you, oing my, it would have been nice to actually share! It is a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant, so something for everyone.

I had an amazing sandwich on 7 grain bread with a fried egg, tomatoes, almond ricotta, fried seitan and crisp lettuce. Oh my, my, my! Yeah, that’s all I have to say!

After lunch, we drove out to Longmont to visit my stuff, take care of storage business and get key for my new unit. A few months ago someone had driven off the highway and into two units, one being mine. My stuff is ok, some things crushed, but nothing horrible. I’m sorry the picture didn’t take, I was amazed!

Back to the hotel for a minute and then… Denver Broncos vs Greenbay Packers, pre-season game! LJ had texted last month and asked if we were interested in going to the game, you bet! PSM was in his best behavior, being a Pats fan, thank you.

We were in the nosebleed seats, almost to the top, remember when CKM went to the Bears game last year?! The stadium was packed! Mostly Denver fans, but Cheeseheads were out in force! I had seen a lot of them throughout the day in Denver.

There were some great jerseys out there, my favorite was a serious house divided. Mom and toddler number one in green, dad and toddler number two in orange! The halftime show was the junior Broncos cheerleaders and about 600 even more junior, cheerleaders! So cute! As the announcer said “this demo displays that girls rock!”

Greenbay was winning when we left, hope the home team wins!

After the game, we grabbed an Uber to City O’ City, a vegetarian/ vegan restaurant and oh my! We sat in the back cocktail area, full service at the bar. The restaurant was packed, eclectic, like the city and still cozy.

We started with a pretzel with cheese to dip in, one vegan and one straight up. Then LJ had a ‘chicken wrap’, PSM had a pastrami sandwich, basically a rueben and omg! It had pastrami, sauerkraut, cheese and thousand island dressing.

Me, I had a to’fish sandwich and wow! It was like a giant piece of fried fish! It didn’t taste exactly like fried fish, but wow, it was fabulous! Lettuce, tomatoe, ricotta goat cheese, pickles with a side of vegan mac-n- cheese. Happy vegan alert!!!

After, we were done! Took our leftovers with us, can’t wait to eat the other half of my sandwich tomorrow! Back to the hotel, talk to you, chill and crash, flying out tomorrow.

Was that really just one day?


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