Peaches Prattlings

{August 25, 2017}   So happy!! Dinner with my friend!!

Tonight, I got to see someone for the first time in years!

Go figure, two people I love working in St Louis the same week as me!

Tonight, I got to see KLS, someone I met on the University of Michigan Health Systems project, our first with Deloitte. We were both hired specifically for this project and our background training Epic, the electronic medical record software.

As you know, or may not know, I still work for Deloitte. KLS left Deloitte shortly after our first project ended. We are both still traveling the country training, she’s still training Epic and I’m on a new application.

She happens to be on a project in St Louis and as you know, I’m here for the week, how could we not see each other! It was as if time stood still and we just saw each other last week! Those are the best friendships!

We both miss that first project together, the location, some of our coworkers, the whole thing. We kept each other sane, talked every day, if we didn’t see each other and if we went more than two days without seeing each other, one or both of us had gone on vacation or home! We kept each other sane!

We compared notes on our lives, our loves, you know, not just the guys in our lives, but the wee tots, our nieces, nephews, grandbabies. We bragged and gushed just like we should. You know this included our fur babies of course. She thinks her Bassett hound, Greta looks like Mollie, with shorter legs. I’d say good call!

Parting was such sweet sorrow, out was like we were back in MI, going to our respective hotels, across the parking lot, she’s Marriott, you know I’m Hilton!

So cannot wait to see her again!


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