Peaches Prattlings

{August 24, 2017}   Dinner with friends

Wait, what? I went to dinner and didn’t take photos?

What was I thinking?! Oh well… Sorry.

Tonight, PSM and I saw each other for the second night in a row, what? We went out to dinner with three coworkers from his company, two are still in Boston and one lives in DC, they were all at the same site that PSM was at in Cambridge.

They happened to be in St Louis for a meeting at the same time, what are the odds? We have no idea how they knew PSM was in town. Doesn’t matter, we have dinner plans!

We met them at a pretty good Indian restaurant. The only qualification, vegan friendly restaurant. The food was good, service left something to be desired. If you ask for something and don’t check on it, you might be there past closing time!

Speaking of closing time, our cue to leave came when our server plugged in the vacuum cleaner! That was our clue…

The food was really good, they understood when I said very mild and PSM was almost satisfied with the spice level, let’s just say, I could smell the spices and heat level coming for his dish. But that’s the way our dining relationship is, if we’re not sharing, we’re definitely not sharing!

We had a really nice time and I have to thank the guys, since they haven’t seen each other in a while, not every story was about work and/or working together, they included me in most of the conversations.

Then it was time to go, hugs all around, well, for me anyway, promises of getting together again and we were all off. PSM andI back to his hotel, then me back to St Louis, sigh. Not to worry folks, we’ll see each other this weekend!


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