Peaches Prattlings

{August 23, 2017}   Play ball!!

Tonight, a baseball game!

You mught remember that I’m not that into sports and then you see a bunch of posts at sporting events, huh? Well, even though I’m not that big into sports, I like going to the stadium, being around the crowds, the sights, sounds, smells and sharing it with you! Oh, I also add to my hat or tshirt collection, go figure!

Do you remember me telling you that PSM is in St Louis this week? We were determined to see each other! Last night he said he was going to see if he could get me an extra ticket. Guess what!

St Louis Cardinals vs San Diego Padres at Busch Stadium! And his company has a box at the stadium, sweet!

Food, drinks, fun! I met a lot of PSM’s coworkers, had some good food, good drink, good conversation, what more could you want?

Finally went to sit in the stands, being in a box means you have covered seats, so it was a little cooler, fabulous!

The game was close, then it wasn’t… unfortunately, it was not the Cardinals night.

After the game PSM and team headed back to their hotel and on my way to the hotel I stopped that the Hilton at the stadium, went to the rooftop bar to check out the view, not too shabby!

What a night! Oh… got a Cardinals hat!


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